Category: February


Candle Mass

2 February – Candle Mass is a Christian festival of blessing the candles.


St Bridget or Brigit’s Day

1 February – St Brigit is a Christianised version of Brighid or Bride, a goddess associated with the beginning of spring, once widely venerated in by the Celts.

Jedburgh Ba’ Game

2nd February – The annual street ball game in Jedburgh, it said to have originally been played with the severed heads of border raiders.


St Valentines Day

14 February – An ancient festival dedicated later to St Valentine. It is associated with love and marriage. In the past some of its customs involved looking into the future to try and reveal the identity of future partners.

Blessing The Throats

3 February – Blessing the throats at St Etheldreda’s Church, Ely Place, London.  Throat complaint sufferers are blessed by invoking St Blaise, the patron Saint of people with throat problems