Category: March

Newark Penny Loaf Day

Penny Loaf Day in Newark-on-Trent dates back to the English Civil War (1642–1651) and a local man named Hercules Clay, who lived in Market Place (next to the Town Hall).

The Ashton Gyst-Ale

The gyst-ale, or guising feast, was an annual festival of the town of Ashton-under-Lyne. It appears from the rental of Sir John de Assheton, compiled a.d. 1422, that a sum of twenty shillings was paid to him as lord of the manor for the privilege of holding this feast by its then conductors.

Whuppity Stourie

March 1 – Is Whuppity Stourie Day in Lanark, where primary children run around the church clockwise three times twirling paper balls. The original festival involved young men from neighbouring parishes and was much more violent.


St Davids Day

March 1 – This is St Davids Day, the patron Saint of Wales who died on this date 598AD.


Festival of Isis

20th March – The Festival of Isis is important to many Occult Groups.


Sheellah’s Day

March 18 – Sheellah’s Day is an Irish festival in honour of Sheelah-na-gig.