April Fools Day

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  1. NikkiA says:

    Re: April Fools Day
    For me, April Fools day gotta be one of the best holidays, playing nasty pranks and practical jokes. Since we just had April Fools Day, and the expected April Fools pranks, people wonder what some of the high profile ones that occured were, and there were some gems. The BBC ran a story that there were spaghetti trees in Switzerland, and many people went for it, and they also ran a documentary about flying penguins, starring Terry Jones, which should are a tip off. Then there was sports writer George Plimpton’s article featuring Sydd Finch, an American baseball player that had been reared in China and threw a 168 mph fastball and was debuting as a rookie for the Mets.


  2. Ian Topham says:

    Re: April Fools Day
    Hi Nikkia, welcome to the website.  I seem to remember a BBC April Fools joke many years ago about a live dinosaur being found in someones garden.

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