Robert Burns and Folklore

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  1. Mauro says:

    Great and fitting tribute to
    Great and fitting tribute to a great writer. Great job condensing so much in so little space.

  2. Daniel Parkinson says:

    Thanks Mauro.
    The folklore

    Thanks Mauro.

    The folklore aspect is only a small part of his work although he does make references to it in other poems. I must admit when I first read Burns many years ago I missed the point, it’s only when you start reading more you realise his genius. I managed to get to the Creative Burns exhibition and am fortunate enough to be playing at one of the music festivals that are part of the celebrations.

    Tam O’ Shanter has been on the site since it was launched,

  3. Daniel Parkinson says:

    Re: Robert Burns and Folklore
    Still a lot of things going on for the 250 year celebration: The Scottish Poetry Library have published a book called Addressing the Bard (twelve contemporary poets respond to Robert Burns) which is worth having a look at if you like Burns, and Poetry (obviously)

  4. Daniel Parkinson says:

    Re: Robert Burns and Folklore
    I love this interpretation of Burns

    dodgy tash though!

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