Earth Dogs

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  1. Ian Topham says:

    Re: Earth Dogs

    Walla Kirkyard (Wallakirk) or Dumeath is in the parish of Glass which now falls in Aberdeenshire. Associated with St Wallach, there are no remains of the actual Kirk itself. Nearby Walla Pot is a pool in the River Deveron with a tradition of healing those who bathed in it.  There is also a water filled rock cavity called St Wallochs bath nearby with a similar tradition of healing the sick.

  2. OldTimeRadio says:

    Re: Earth Dogs
         I came upon a report several years back that in 1903 packs of dogs invaded cemeteries in Virginia (USA), digging up the decaying corpses and eating them.

         However diligent Internet and other searching has failed to supply any additional mention or verification.

  3. OldTimeRadio says:

    Re: Earth Dogs
          And let’s not forget the "Kentucky gravedigger," a corpse devouring ghoul that reportedly looks vaguely like a demonic beaver.

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