Isabel Gowdie, Witch of Auldearn

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5 Responses

  1. nickiepink says:

    Re: Isabel Gowdie, Witch of Auldearn
    Is this church in Auldearn still standing?

  2. Ian Topham says:

    Re: Isabel Gowdie, Witch of Auldearn
    Hi Nickiepink, to be honest Iam not sure.  From what I have found on other sites the earliest churches in Auldearn were dedicated to St Columba and first was possibly founded in 600AD.  The current parish church dates from 1757, as the previous one was destroyed in a fire.  Therefore, if Isabel met at the parish church in the 1600’s I assume tis is the one that burned down.  I am not sure however how many churches are in Auldearn, their ages or exactly which on Gowdie used.

  3. susan1944 says:

    Re: Isabel Gowdie, Witch of Auldearn
    Many years ago I lived near Auldearn at a place called Inshoch where there was a ruined castle in the field behind the house.   One night on returning home I looked up and saw the vision/ghost of a lady in a long green dress.  On further investigation we found out that this was the ghost of Isobel Gowdie {known as ‘The Green Lady} who was a witch who had been burned at the stake in Auldearn for witchcraft but the date of when this happened I do not know but I believe was in the 1600s.   I revisited my old home in 2009 and although the house had been renovaed the castle was still in the same state of disrepair as when Ieft in 1969.
    As far as the matter of churches referred to above I am afraid I cannot help with this, there has only ever been one church in Auldearn that I know of.

  4. Ian Topham says:

    Re: Isabel Gowdie, Witch of Auldearn
    Hi Susan, I did not know that Isobel has been seen as a Green Lady.  Thanks for the input, you cannot beat local knowledge đŸ™‚

  5. ewan says:

    Re: Isabel Gowdie, Witch of Auldearn
    i lived 2 miles from auldearn went to school there many fond memories there is another church about a mile away on the lethen road don`t no how old it is it is used for selling old stuff now we u played in the woods there is a big hollow that we were always told it was the fairey dell can`t remember why and up at the doocot a small track and its said that at certain time of the year the green lady runs through it theres other things to about the graveyard that i do no but it brings back scary memorys of something we saw back in the 70s