Kinder Downfall and Mermaids Pool

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  1. Ian Topham says:

    Re: Kinder Downfall and Mermaids Pool
    There is a mermaids pool near Chapel en le Frith at Mill Hill (which I assume may be this one) where it is said that if you gaze into the pool at midnight on Easter Eve you’ll see a mermaid appear.

  2. Ian Topham says:

    Re: Kinder Downfall and Mermaids Pool
    NEAR Downfall, a short walk from the Old Oak Wood, not far from Hayfield, is the Mermaid’s Pool. There is a local tradition that a beautiful nymph lives in the side of the Scout, who comes to bathe daily in the Mermaid’s Pool, and that the man who has the good fortune to see her whilst bathing will become immortal. 

    The old folk of Hayfield, moreover, have a long story of a man who, some time in the last century, went from Hayfield over the Scout, and was lucky enough to meet this mountain nymph, by whom he was conducted to a cavern hard by. Tradition adds that she was pleased with this humble mortal, and that he lingered there for some time, when she conferred on him the precious gift of immortality. 

    The Legendary Lore Of The Holy Wells Of England by Robert Charles Hope (1893)