Rhyd-y-Cae Bridge, Pentrefoelas

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  1. Ian Topham says:

    Re: Rhyd-y-Cae Bridge, Pentrefoelas
    According to Elias Owen’s ‘Welsh folk-lore’ (1887), the Devil had not finished with Robert Llwyd Hari:

    ‘When going home from playing cards, on Maesgwyn Bridge Robert Llwyd Hari saw a hoop of fire; he was half inclined to turn back, but took heart, remembering that he had a Bible in his pocket. So on he went, and when passing the fire he was snatched up into the air by the Bad Man, but he was able to utter a certain word to the D—, he was dropped down, and fell dead into a lake called Harry’s Lake.’

    I do not know where Harry’s Lake is yet.