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  1. Ian Topham says:

    Tilting Country
    The proposed location of the weir in question would not be accurate on the above map. Instead it would have been a lot closer to Llanbedr itself. Nearby Harlech Castle used to have the sea lapping around its base, where as now it stands roughly a mile from the beach. I saw an explanation for this using Harlech as an example. It suggested that during the Ice Age the weight of the ice pressed the United Kingdom down, and after it retreated the plate has been slowly springing back to its natural position. This means that the west of the country is rising slowly hence places like Harlech Castle are getting further from the sea and locations on the east of the country are dipping slightly, therefore we see the tide coming further up the River Thames than it used to do centuries ago. There are standing stones in Llanbedr that may have been markers visible from the sea.