The Feytin’ Ape

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5 Responses

  1. avalon1 says:

    feytin ape
    Wonderful story made me laugh out loud

  2. SteffaOR says:


    Having experienced the drinking in Owdham when I was a young man this story is easy to believe, the number of times I saw monkeys kicking the bejeesus out of each other on a friday night!!!

  3. Ian Topham says:

    Dan and I are Owdham born
    Dan and I are Owdham born and bred.  Maybe it was Dan you saw :).

  4. Daniel Parkinson says:

    More likley one of your
    More likely one of your relatives Ian  – Planet of the Apes (the only xtras not to need 4 hours of make-up), cast of the lord of the rings(Helms deep), Shaun of the dead casting rejects, I could go on………
    You know I am only joking.

  5. SteffaOR says:

    Was born just down the road

    Was born just down the road in Ashton, lived in Stalybridge til I was 26. Never heard of the Feytin Ape before, great tale tho’.

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