The Knockers

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  1. martinwall says:

    Re: The Knockers
    There are similar stories told about the Stiperstones Lead mines in Shropshire. Miners there said that Edric the Wild, the West Mercian "Robin Hood" entered the fairy otherworld via the lead mines. His purpose was to find his estranged fairy wife, "Lady Godda" who returned to her own world when Edric broke his sacred promise never to speak of her six fairy sisters. The miners often heard Wild Edric, moaning and groaning and begging forgiveness of them for making terms with William the Bastard, or "conqueror" as the schoolbooks call him. But when Britain goes to war Edric and his Lady, Godda, are released from their spell, and emerge from the mines to ride a wild hunt across the shropshire hills, riding in the direction of the forthcoming war. They were seen in Napoleonic times, at the outbreak of the Crimea and the Boer war, and in 1914.

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