Unbaptized Children

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  1. Red Don says:

    Re: Unbaptized Children
    ‘If tha didn’t get kiddy baptised by t’parson, it would have to be put in a box and stuck in t’ground like some sort o’ animal … It wouldn’t be right like a proper babby, it would be just like burying a dog or a sheep’

    This is a quote from a Gosforth man in the 1950’s. Doesn’t sound very Christian the way these children were treated.

  2. Cunobelinus says:

    Re: Unbaptized Children
     I was told a piece of folklore by my grandfather up in Lincolnshire when I was a lad which is a little similar to the Manx tale told above. He said that unbaptised children took the form of small white moths which fly around at night looking for someone to give them a name. Apparently if one sees these moths one should utter one boys’ name and one girls’ name so that the spirit could finally rest in peace.

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