A request for assistence

A request for assistence

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  1. Ian Topham says:

    Re: A request for assistence

    This website mentions some local fairs and general history of the area.

  2. BaronIveagh says:

    Re: A request for assistence
    Yeah, I pretty much arealdy have everything that can be found on the internet.  Spent two weeks online looking. 

    The main thrust is things pre-1390 ( during the period the Blunts were the primary land holders, 1390 becasue at that point John Blunt dies and leaves everything to his daughter, having no sons.)  This is why it occured ot me to check the folklore references.  I know Roger of Ing took off to be an outlaw following the Baron’s War, and that he windmill that stood in Buttsbury changes hands several times between the Blunt family and Sir Arnulf de Montinessing before Edward took the throne, but I’m looking for folklore, rather than historic records.  Legends, etc

    So far I’m finding a big fat nothing.  The estate of John continued to be paid in the Hustings Court by various London goldsmiths in thier wills inot the 1400’s, with no explanation as to why, for example.

    Summum Nec Metuam Diem Nec Optim