are ghosts just residual energy stored in stones

are ghosts just residual energy stored in stones

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4 Responses

  1. Mauro says:

    Re: are ghosts just residual energy stored in stones
    Thomas C. Lethbridge first put it forward in Ghosts and Souls (1961), the only difference being he believed water and not stone to be the "recording medium".

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  2. Ian Topham says:

    Re: are ghosts just residual energy stored in stones
    It’s commonly known amongst other things as the stone tape theory and Mauro points out it has been around quite a while now.  The idea that some energy given out during a time of great stress, such as death is recorded and can then be played back.

    The theory has survived because it fits some cases rather nicely, namely those where:

    1) Something bad happen in the haunted room or location to cause the recording, or perhaps some stone form such a location is present.

    2) The witnesses report having the same experience, such as two men having a sword fight around the room and then getting killed.  Or for instance a nursery where children died and ghostly crying can be heard.

    However, it has some flaws.

    1) Firstly not all cases fit the above two criteria.

    2) What is this convenient energy that is recorded?  If it exists and is emitted at a time of stress, why has it never been recorded or measured?

    3) How do stones record images and sounds from this nameless energy?

    4) What is the play back button?  If this is correct we shoul dbe able to go somewhere and activate a recording of past events at will.

    5) Can any stone do it, or as Mauro ststed other mediums, such as water?

    6) Have two seperate every witnessed an absolutely identical reply?  How can we tell?

    I have over simplified it above and have not done the theory much justice, but we should acknowledge these ideas, work with them and experiment with them where possible.   But we have to acknowledge the flaws in all theories too.

  3. Mysteryshopper says:

    Re: are ghosts just residual energy stored in stones
    Ghosts are rarely, if ever, seen in any sort of distress, fighting or any similar event that might cause such a ‘recording’. Also, many ‘bad stories’ associated with ghosts turn out to be legends when they are investigated.

    If ghosts are recordings then why do they appear as complete figures (mostly!) with no associated background scenery? There is no angle from which a recording mechanism would show just a person without accompanying background scenery.

    The best evidence that ghosts could be recordings is that many are seen by different witnesses doing the same thing in the same place. However, it is an assumption to say they are doing EXACTLY the same thing. It could just be something similar.

    This can be explained by misperception. An object can be misperceived by different people at different times as a ghost. In this case, you would expect the ghost to look similar on every occasion (because it is the same object being misperceived) though not necessarily identical.

    There isn’t any robust evidence at present that ghosts are recordings.

  4. BaronIveagh says:

    Re: are ghosts just residual energy stored in stones
    The major problem is that, as has been pointed out, the theory only covers certain types of repeating phantom, one that does the same sort of action over and over again. 

    Personal opinion: people tend to leave an imprint on a place while they’re alive.  Who’s to say that imprint is entirely physical?  I’ve seen cases where people wern’t even dead yet and they were haunting a location.  (assuming of course, you belive ghosts are dead people, to head off THAT particular argument.).

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