Can psychic powers be developed?

Can psychic powers be developed?

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  1. Leekduck says:

    Re: Can psychic powers be developed?
    I dont think they can be ‘Developed’ if they can be developed then it wouldent be in ones control

  2. Ian Topham says:

    Re: Can psychic powers be developed?
    Hi Englishpsychic, good question.  Assuming that psychic powers exist and personally I am not sure yet.  The Spiritualist Church has circles where their members learn and deveolp their ‘abilities’.   However, I do not know whether someone with no ‘ability’ can suddenly develop them through a variety of techniques.

  3. Noah says:

    Re: Can psychic powers be developed?
    Hi Ian,
    New to the site and really enjoy all the information here.
    My thoughts are that everyone has some form of pychic ability. They may not be aware of it, but just my thoughts.
    For me personally, I do Circular Breathing Exercises to help form more clarity. Our minds get so busy, I think that affects our ability to see and feel things past mundane life. I wasn’t really aware that I had any psychic abilities
    until a few years ago and things became so bizzare that I
    had to look deeper into what was going on.
    Anyways just my thoughts and again Thank You and Everyone
    for being here : )

  4. Ian Topham says:

    Re: Can psychic powers be developed?
    I think in many of the traditions that involve some sort of clairvoyance or psychic ability they employ some sort of relaxation and visualisation techniques.  It has been years since I tried practicing them though.

    I am glad your finding the site interesting and we’ll carry on filling it up.

  5. markjones1970 says:

    Re: Can psychic powers be developed?
    This is my 1st post, so HELLO! Mmm, I’m not sure. I have some abilities and have been told that I could develop these (by mediums at Spiritualist Churches). I have no control over when they work or don’t work at  the moment, which is frustrating. But the fact I have any at all is great for me. One of the best things that has ever happened to me.

  6. Noah says:

    Re: Can psychic powers be developed?
    Hello Mark,
    I agree with you its one of the best things thats ever happened to me too, and I don’t know how to control mine, but thats okay with me as long as it works : )

  7. Ian Topham says:

    Re: Can psychic powers be developed?
    Hi Mark, welcome to website and thanks for joining in :).

  8. Englishpsychic says:

    Re: Can psychic powers be developed?
     Thank you so much for your responses. I am kinda new here and it is nice to see so many responses to my query. 

  9. PhenomInvestigator says:

    Re: Can psychic powers be developed?
    Having worked in a research capacity for many years with gifted subjects, I can say that there does seem to be a level of development which can be achieved in some respects. I have found, for example, that many quite talented individuals find themselves constantly questioning or attempting to interpret what they are presented. This leads to errors and ambiguous outcomes. Skilled practitioners have learned literally to ‘trust the message’ and do not engage in this sort of self-editing. The level of improvement that results can be quite amazing. What seems to be most true is that the information itself tends to be highly veridical in these cases; it is the capacity of the individual which confounds things.

    Anomalous Phenomena is Unexplained not Impossible
    Psi is Subtle not Absolute
    Anything is possible, it’a all a matter of Probability

  10. Irish Psychic Hecate says:

    Re: Can psychic powers be developed?
    I agree with PhenomInvestigator that while psychic abilities can be developed if your already psychic they can not be developed from scratch.  I mean a person will no psychic ability cant just wake up one day and say’ I’ve decided I want to be psychic and develop abilities’ it just doesn’t work that way.  Your either born with psychic abilities or your not and having psychic abilities is not always great it is both good and bad, a blessing and a curse if that explains it better.

    Many of these so-called celebrity psychic,  medium would like to make people believe that everyone can develop psychic abilities from scratch.  But, this is just a ploy to sell their books and gain profits from the selling of these so called development books, in many ways they tell people what they want to hear to gain as much money as they can while lying through their teeth.