Can You Interact With Ghosts?

Can You Interact With Ghosts?

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  1. snaknap says:


  2. Ian Topham says:

    You Sound Very Certain
    You sound very certain there snaknap.  However, would you like to explain in a little more detail what  evidence you have to support your statement?

  3. Irish Psychic Hecate says:

    Re: Can You Interact With Ghosts?
    Yes, I know that ghosts can interact with the living and vice a versus.  There are some ghosts who don’t interact with people but it really depends on the circumstances.  I have had several experience of interactions with ghosts for e.g.  years ago I was working in a building that use  to be a convent.  I was completely on my own in an area of the building were there was no other living people around as I walked up a flight of stairs I heard shuffling feet behind me as if someone was behind me walking up the stairs but their was no-one behind me.  I finally had enough of all the shuffling and just stepped to the right hand side of the stairs, I felt something brush past my arm and the air around me got cold and then I heard the words ‘God Bless You my daughter.  Well even though I was a professional psychic medium, my normal human reaction seemed to take over me and I jumped up two stairs at a time just to get away from what was down there, when I ran I also heard whatever was there saying ‘they were not going to hurt me’  but, as embarrassing as it is to admit it, I did care what this entity said to me and even though I’ve never been afraid of ghosts or paranormal experiences my normal human being instincts took over and all i could think about was getting the hell out there as fast as I could. 

    Up to now I have only ever had three paranormal experiences that have unsettled me and made me flee the scene.  But I have had other experiences of interactions with ghosts, them interacting with me and me interacting with them.  But, I don’t want to start blurting them all out at once

  4. Will Wonder says:

    Re: Can You Interact With Ghosts?
    Inter action with Ghosts – on the main thats what the polteigeist is based on – it is defined as such.

  5. PhenomInvestigator says:

    Re: Can You Interact With Ghosts?
    First recall that the term “ghost” is properly only used in the context of a haunting apparition – what some today tend to call a “residual”. This is the proper use of the term.
    For that reason, I shall use the more general term “apparition” here.

    Many apparitions seem to be of the living. Certainly this is the case for experimemental and crisis apparitions. One could even say that the haunting apparition (residual e.g.) is in a way an apparition of a once-living person. Only the post-mortem class apparition is arguably an apparition of a deceased person from an experiential perspective.

    The Census of Hallucinations and many more recent similar apparitional compendia contain plentiful examples of varying degrees of interaction, including conversations. Just recently I read a report from a very well-known mentalist here in the United States who had a highly veridical apparitional experience of his deceased uncle. This is one reason he entered the mystery arts.

    So the answer to the question is ‘yes’, people have indeed interacted with apparitions.

    I would suggest that there is a difference between interacting with an apparition and a poltergeist.

    The poltergeist seems to be the product of living agents. One does not really interact with the phenomena; one interacts with the agent. This is more difficult if the agent is distant from the site. But remote influence – or distant PK agency – has certainly been documented by parapsychologists over the years. Dr. William Roll was quite active in these sorts of studies.

    It is less clear that poltergeists are necessarily caused by the deceased or other discarnate entities. In fact, given local/remote intentional/spontaneous PK agency in the living, there seems to be no case of PK we cannot explain solely with living agents. This includes cases suggestive of “possession”, as long as we are willing to accept that living people can know things in ways we currently cannot explain.

    Anomalous Phenomena is Unexplained not Impossible

    Psi is Subtle not Absolute

    Anything is possible, it’a all a matter of Probability

  6. Darkfaery says:

    Re: Can You Interact With Ghosts?
     Hi Phenominvestigator,
    With regards to residual energy. I have always thought that this type of engery was non communicative, just a replay of someone who existed previously and under certain conditions can manifest themselves/ itself. It is a replay of something that has already taken place previously and is unaware (if it is believed that spirit has intelligence) that it is being viewed now. Whether it is the energy that is able to make itself visible or it is the person seeing the energy that enables this to happen I am unsure.
    Communicative energy seems to interact and respond to stimulus. It would seem to have memories and some form of intelligence. With regards to what this ‘energy’ is. My own views on this is that when spirit leaves the mortal body it does so in a form of energy possibly like an orb. Within this ‘orb’ of energy is perhaps memory. So how does this work with apparitions of family members and other human beings when These are seen as they were when they walked the earth? It may be that this image is projected to us so that we can recognise it, either as someone we have known or not. But either way it is a more acceptable vision than an orb of energy. 

    What do you think?


  7. Ian Topham says:

    Re: Can You Interact With Ghosts?
    If you read old ghost accounts from the 1800s and earlier, there are many stories of ghosts coming back delivering messages that only the dead person could have known.  But I have never interviewed a witness that has had a conversation with a ghost, so I wonder whether the older accounts were exagerated or have the nature of ghosts changed.

  8. Will Wonder says:

    Re: Can You Interact With Ghosts?

    This is a wierd one for me ………

    I could go into really great detail about this
    but i be writing for about 3 days ………

    Keeping it brief does not highlight every thing.

    In my early 20’s i met some one with baggage,

    (as the future unfolded there are more things out there
    that out-class poltiegiets and ghouls and other things
    that go bump in the night in the fear factor )

    well i did my best until it was futile and i moved on –
    seems like most of the family seemed to exceed in
    staying drunk or creating hell on earth, well thats
    why they didn’t like me that much because
    i put a stop to it, in the most amazing ways.

    I was holding 2 jobs at the time so i enrolled
    the younger members into the one and only youth
    club smack in the middle of 3 villages,

    where each village seemed to have its own ideas
    and mentalities –

    this was very well demonstrated on the Saturday
    night in the only Pub across the road from the
    youth center where they would fight to the
    point of biting body parts off,
    -i.e noses and ears.

    Everything must not change was the mentallity,
    it was done as their dad did it-
    the grandfather before them –
    the great grandfather before them
    in this traditional old miners towns

    Tradition of the area was

    Gossip and back stabbing spirit that was rife everywhere –
    it was to be expected of you to have some thing to say
    about some one or have time to hear about some one.

    Two of my greatest experiences was when i moved up there
    i was living on top of the hill, there was this young girl about
    16 to 18 walking up the road with a carrier bag which had a
    hole in it, as she was walking potatoes was slowly falling
    out and rolling back down the hill she would turn back
    down the hill collect them put them in the carrier bag
    and the proccess would just repeat itself –

    Second was the so called teacher when asked about the
    solar system it was ok until until the point when i and a
    friend of mine had to re ask about the part about when
    it was night the sun turns into the moon.

    So you could imagine my reaction when i was asked
    would i volunteer to help run the local youth club (The Zoo).

    So rather mix to heavy with the people i kept myself to myself,
    carried on with work- kept everything tranquill.

    Until one day i had a phone call from some one at the center,
    it was a funeral day and as it was a big family and of course
    they had the keys to the place they was having a gathering
    there afterwards – it got emotional a lot of upset
    they just asked me to do 1 thing.

    Drive the youth center minibus from its Layby
    to the center, they wanted to take people home,
    some one else will drive it after that.

    They told me where it was, i never been there,
    easy directions walk past the center, up the 100
    or so steps takes you into a cul de sac, doors open
    keys are above the visor,

    Being not in the habit to just jump into vehicles
    and drive them off they agreed that one of the
    youth members insisted on coming with me,
    call in when i was passing in case i got stopped –
    as no one in the village knew me that well –
    last thing i wanted was blue lights behind me.

    Right Called in, this youth member was of the family
    that i cherish so deeply (not)

    Got to the steps – got to the top – everything as said,
    found the frieght rover 310, door unlocked.

    As i opened the door i could hear a knocking, this member
    was the first to witness the old lady banging on the window.

    So she was shaking the curtain she was holding pointing
    her finger in my genral direction and waving her hand
    and seemed to be saying no, no noooooooooo get away
    and waving me off like i was kicking a ball out side her house.

    Her house was directly opposite the layby and
    the drivers door and her front window was no
    further than you could throw a packet of crisps;
    directly opposite and eye to eye contact.

    So i pulled out the keys and shouted out its ok
    i been asked to drive it, waving the keys.

    She just kept on, as i explained earlier i knew what the village is like
    just do the half mile drive to the center dump the bus
    if the police turn up they can explain it.

    I knew she was going to phone the police, dropped the bus
    and i walked up the hill home.

    Expecting a knock all night nothing.

    After a couple of days high pressure period in
    work i forgot all about it.

    Then I got a phone call again asking me to go down the center,
    what for i asked – they just wanted to thank me and wanted
    to know if i just come down for a cup of tea.

    First time i went in there, first room i saw was like a little shop
    where 2 people was working, they was welcoming and there
    was a meeting in the main hall and i was asked could i hold
    on 5 mins till it finished as the person who wanted to
    see me was running a meeting.

    So as i was waiting i started talking, they asked if i found the bus allright,
    so i explained the situation, in case something does happen,
    1 woman walked out of the shop quickly, the other one went
    shhhhhhhhhhhh shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,
    questioned me about over and over again, she said it cant be,
    there was some one with me who was also in the center
    that day i said ask xxxxxxx who confirmed it.

    Descibed the house the person the curtains everything,
    they all knew i didnt even know where that street was
    i never been there, i didnt know who was related to who..

    So the person there explained it to me.

    That person i apparently seen was the same person who they
    was having the gathering for after her funeral.

    She was buried hours earlier in the cemetry across the road.

    That person who walked out was related to her-
    the members on the committee all bar 2 is related to her,
    she’s the grand mother of 1 and a mother of another
    of the main members and i was asked if i told any one,
    i had not and i was asked never to speak of it again.

    ( apparently the family had emptied the house more
    or less completely and there was no nets no curtains
    no hanging baskets nothing-

    (when i drove past there later on all i saw was a
    darkened place with windolene all over the windows
    exactly as they said it was prior to my incident)

    I didnt, something happened in that meeting,
    when i went in the main hall, theres was just 3 people left
    apparently there a mass resigning over dis agreements,

    ( imagine having the same family as most comittee members
    not good if it dissolves over a family dis pute)

    All that was left was 3 – which 2 was unrelated from the main group

    They need 4 to run legally asked if i knew anyone i said no,
    asked if i was interested i couldnt i was working, but i sort out
    what i could, until they found some one it was a temp condition.

    12 years later i was still there i was success full but i wasnt going to
    tempt doing another year, doing that and working was too much.

    So i dis missed that incident as a moment of lunacy or a mirage- or stress.

    I finally had a tits full of the Jeremy Kylers (putting it politely) and
    the world accordingto them due to substance they had in their glass
    not alwaysthe Happy Juice.

    I moved out settled where i am now, well established in the
    worlds biggest internet online shopping site, doing well,
    out of the valleys and down by the seafront it been a
    lovely peacefull life ever since.

    Well years go by and to my discovery and horror,
    that person who is all grown up apparently,
    i cant say in details a full account of the deeds,
    but every teacher, partner, and any other person choosen,
    their lives been destroyed most appallingly and has been
    branded as evil, no friends all argued with or had been
    subjected to accusations some have led to false arrests,
    and other forms of intolerance.

    Now married to some one who could bar 2 years
    be their own grand parent and has a couple will do anything
    even if its to any body to get money through fraudelent or
    foulest of means.

    A few years ago they was trying to get in touch with me,
    i just wasn’t interested, once bitten twice shy,
    see how i was etc etc etc usual bull shit.

    I wasnt aware of what they had become until recently,
    but now i see and for warned is for armed.

    I had some one in work trying to pass me messages
    from them recently, not interested.

  9. Darkfaery says:

    Re: Can You Interact With Ghosts?
     Hi Will,
    I enjoyed your story and it sounds like you may of had a narrow escape from what sounds like a very ‘lively’ place!

    The account of the elderly lady waving from her window sounds interesting. Do you think that she was interacting with you or do you think that it was re-enactment from some earlier traumatic experience which co-incided with your taking of the mini bus? 


  10. Will Wonder says:

    Re: Can You Interact With Ghosts?
    No idea about that, i run that bus
    for 5 years afterwards until,
    a work injury made it not
    possible it was sold.

    As far as i know it was converted
    ito a summer camper.

    The building itself had its own history.

    I used to get the odd spiritulist,
    poping in from time to time
    doing their thing.

    There was a Gay ameteur medium,
    Who came up with all strange things,

    But my faith really diminished
    when after doing a childrens party
    some one wanted that song on
    my heart will go on.

    One grandmother was in tears with it,
    it was turned off and i was being
    drum rolled into a big apology.

    Apparently i ruined the day.

    FFS i wanted to know what i done,
    i was stupid to play that song
    because her father died on the titanic,

    Big oops, but with a little calculation
    of her age and when it sunk

    O yes her father died on it
    14 years before she was born.

    That was it from that day on
    i meant business, i lost all
    interest in anybody who was
    a bit upturned upstairs.

    It was said to have its own thing,
    well if it has its in some one elses
    hands now to go and silence the
    fire alarms in the early hours
    of the morning,

    i dont miss that at all.

  11. PhenomInvestigator says:

    Re: Can You Interact With Ghosts?

    I am reasonably convinced that there are a class of apparitional experiences that are the product of the experient’s impressions of information that in some way becomes relevant to them. The so-called “residual” or “hauntnig” apparitions are examples of these. There is, in other words, something about a place or a thing with which living people interact that produces the mental image of another time or place. Essentially these experients seem to be reading the memories of those involved with that place or thing.

    On the other hand, the interactive apparitional events seem at first quite different. Until we realize that two things are true in the data: 1) sometimes experients are unsure initially if they experience an interactive or residual apparition, and 2) different experients may have differing experiences with what appears to be the same apparition. In other words, some might perceive the same apparition as residual while others perceive it as interactive. The famous Morton ghost was a wonderful example of this. Rose Morton had some experiences with the late woman of the house that were highly interactive and other experiences that seemed more residual.

    So it appears we are looking for a mechanism that can explain both types of apparitions. But what is that mechanism? I think it is the same mechanism that makes it possible for two living people to know what each other is thinking, or for a remote viewer to locate a target to which he or she has never been or that makes it possible for a medium to know, in advance, characteristics and traits of a sitter they will read later that day. Every one of these phenomena and abilities suggests some form of tuning or, as I have come to call, relevance bonding.

    If you think about how you think on a daily basis, we have lots of information in our heads. We don’t focus on everything at once. Those who try to do so (and you know who you are) get little accomplished in fact. We simply are not wired for that level of multi-tasking much as we might wish to the contrary. So we prioritize. We prioritize based on the relevance of the thought to the current moment. This is likely based originally in our species’ survival. At one time it was important if the predator was at the cave door. Today we are concerned if the boss is standing near the desk, or the significant other is nearby and the assigned household chore is undone. You get the idea: relevance is important.

    This well may apply when it comes to bonds across individual as it relates to our memories. There is interesting mathematical theory that suggests our minds might exist in hyperspace. This would mean that our memories are there. We may bond to these information hyper spaces because they are of highest relevance to us. What after all is more important than our memories? Actually the answer is, nothing is more important!

    So what would happen if we found a way to establish a relevance bond to someone else’s memories? We would have psi cognitive phenomena and abilities. And if we found a way to selectively influence that other information space, we would have a way to both establish relevance with another and across that semantic bond share information.

    It is possible this is what is happening with telepaths, mediums and sitters and so on. Apparitional agents in some cases may be establishing relevance bonds with others in the interactive cases such as with experimental and crisis apparitions. Haunting apparitional agents may influence the environment in such a way that others later reconstruct the informational relevance and through that access the relevant information space of the original agent thus sharing selective memories.

    This introduces an important point: it links actions of the haunting apparitional agent (a living person don’t forget) to a form of PK. So it appears that our inherent ability to influence our environments may make apparitions possible, whether they are interactive or haunting (residual). Thus there is a common mechanism. And once we admit that PK is used to produce the mechanics of the apparition, we see that the living are the likely candidates for more commonly recognizable phenomena, such as Poltergeists and related PK.

    So from my pespective, the REAL SECRET to all forms of psi is that we seem to be able to varying degrees to perturb or influence not only our own material and mental worlds, but also those of others. Mental and material perturbation lies at the heart of all psi. It is, I think, the secret to everything.