Carrickfergus Castle, County Antrim

Carrickfergus Castle, County Antrim

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  1. Chevara says:

    Ballygally; An apparition 1979
    I am aware that this area has a reputation for hauntings and the local hotel in particular has received attention as a place of haunted tradition.My story related here has not appeared in writing before.

    In 1979 as a final year school student at age18 in Belfast. myself and my friend with our interest in paranormal decided to visit nad camp out in Ballygally over a weekend. We had not been there before but we read up at our local library on the history of Ballygally as a place where apparitions and haunting had been recorded. We camped out far up a road on a hill behind Ballygally Castle Hotel, in a church ministers garden, very near a cemetry. Late on a saturday night we left the tent and walked down the hill in the direction of Ballygally.  Both of us almost at the same point agreed in shock and exitment that we were looking further down the hill at what appeared to be  three or four shimmering figures.  They were perhaps fifty yeards ahead of us, appeared to be outlines and forms of ault male figures, static but in shimmering form. We were both afraid, we had no camera to take pictures (which I regret to this day) but stood for several moments observing this apparition of several figues and we both believed that we were looking at ghosts. We turned too afraid to continue and walked quickly back up the road towards the tent, looking back at moments and still seeing the apparition in the background. To this day I know what I saw and recall these events clearly as does my friend. I have no doubt after this experience of the existence of ghosts and apparitions.