Ghosts seem to follow my family!

Ghosts seem to follow my family!

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  1. BaronIveagh says:

    Re: Ghosts seem to follow my family!
    I can say that my own family has long had a track record of moving into houses that the local people insisted were haunted.  Some of which have been, in our opinion, but most of which have not been.

    Something of a joke motto is ‘What New Horror This Time’?  (Dating back to finding six graves in a basement floor in Gettysburg, PA)

    Of the ones I’ve lived in, Gettysburg (second house we lived in there, the house had been a field hospital), Pulaski (former whorehouse and site of several murders, including a spectacular shoot out around 1900) and Mercer (archological artifacts on site suggest relative contiuous occupancy for 10k years.  Since 1714, the earliest solid date on property, there has been enough drama to fill two cemetaries, also on the site) have had enough activity for me to feel they were genuinely haunted.
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