Glamis castle

Glamis castle

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3 Responses

  1. Ian Topham says:

    We do have one article about
    We do have one article about Glamis here.  But I am all for finding more if anyone can add to it.

  2. Agricola says:

     Hi Shell
    Which book was it

     Hi Shell

    Which book was it that you discovered about Glamis. Might be a useful starting point for us giving you some info. Glamis is steeped in history and mystery so I’m sure the guys on here will be able to feed you fascination.

  3. someonestole shell says:

     The book is called "Ghosts" (bit obvious for the title) and it is under a heading or "mysteries and marvels" put out by "the Book Company".

    Not a lot more information I’m sorry but it leads me to believe that it is part of a set or collection.
    It is just at odds with all the information I can find on the net. It talks up the darker side to Glamis where every other text I read is quite gushing and almost romantic.