Hampshire phenomena

Hampshire phenomena

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  1. JennyC says:

    Re: Hampshire phenomena
    Hi Stephen, I live in North-East Hampshire and we have a lot of local stories and legends here. It’s quite a secretive place and has quite a violent history in places. The only person I know of that has done any investigation is my friend and she had some very strange experiences. I also have a friend whose house was visited by the ghost of an old soldier who used to talk to her children when they were small. Do you know of anyone that would be interested in doing some investigating here, or tell me how to get started myself. I don’t want to go diving in not knowing what I’m doing as this can be very dangerous!

  2. Stephen Clementson says:

    Re: Hampshire phenomena
    Hi JennyC,

    There are some very strange things going on in this world that many people are still unaware of.  For instance, I have lived in three consecutive haunted houses in Hertfordshire, and even experience personal haunting.  However, things here are not quite what cultural references might imply. So forgive the metaphor, but the bizarre happenings that I had found in Hampshire painted a far more complex picture than the cultural legends might suggest.  

    I live in Hertfordshire, yet I very soon discovered that the activities that I’d observed in the Winchester area were directly related to the poltergeist and UFO activity that I already knew in Hertfordshire.  Unfortunately, I found that many of my observations conflicted with institutional taboos. There seems to be a very unhelpful truth embargo.  In other words, my observations have a tendancy to conflict with official truths, and thus appear to conflict with commonly available knowledge.

  3. Mysteryshopper says:

    Re: Hampshire phenomena
    Try contacting the Hampshire Ghost Club – http://hampshireghostclub.net/modules/news/

    They’re friendly people with lots of useful info.

  4. JennyC says:

    Re: Hampshire phenomena
    Thanks for the help