Hell oto everybody out there!

Hell oto everybody out there!

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  1. StrangeRichard says:

    so this close encounter was
    so this close encounter was it with a ufo or the girlfriend? đŸ˜‰ sorry fella just dropping to the lowest again tell us about it what sort of conditions where evident on the night in question?

    • nigel wright says:

      close encounter details

      Loved the quip about girlfreind!..but seeing as I was around nine years old, this really does not enter into the equation. As for the details, well it was during a thunderstorm, we were caravanning at a farm site near Plymouth. During the storm I was awoken by the thunder, I heard my parents disssusing an object they were both looking at, which was hovering over a nearby power pylon. It was cigar-shaped, and it seemed to be dangling a form of rod onto the power lines. My mother said that she could see persons inside the craft, as there was windows along the side of it.

      After a while the craft lifted at one end, and shot into the sky. In the morning we oddly said very little about it over breakfast, and many years later I underwent reggresion under hypnosis. In this I recounted being taken aboard this craft, and other details. This might just be a case of FMS, but it did fire up my intrest if UFO’s and the paranormal.

      Hope this ok for you.

  2. Ian Topham says:

    Hello Nigel and welcome to
    Hello Nigel and welcome to the forum :).  Thanks for sharing for UFO experience with us all.  As a professional writer, please be kind with any grammatical errors you may find lol. 

  3. Daniel Parkinson says:

    Hi Nigel
    Hope you enjoy the

    Hi Nigel

    Hope you enjoy the site.


  4. nigel wright says:

    hello every one!

    Many thanks for the kind welcome messages you have posted. As for commenting on others grammer, well I would be the last to say anything! (thank God for spellcheck…even with the US spelling!) I was wondering if there is any way in which I could contribute articles etc to the website?..

  5. Ian Topham says:

    If you want to contribute
    If you want to contribute Nigel all you need to do is e-mail your article to info@mysteriousbritain.co.uk

    Or if you want to add anything to an article that is already on the website, just use the comment field underneath it.

    • nigel wright says:

      possible articles
      many thanks for your reply Ian. I wiil be only too pleased to submit an article for your consideration. What sort of word lenth is needed?. And what sort of subject matter are you intrested in at the moment?. I have experence in writing on most matters in the paranormal field, so take your pick! LOL!

  6. Ian Topham says:

    Seriously Nigel you can
    Seriously Nigel you can submit anything you’ll enjoy writing about.  (As long as don’t have to censor it that is) As you’ll see we have a big mix of topics from dragon legends to ghostly photographs and UFO’s straight through to folk tales, hauntings, vampires and ghosts with hairy hands :).

    A lot of the site is gazetteer based but we have lots of other articles too.  We don’t even limit it to Britain as we have a growing Mysterious World section.  We’ll let you use you own judgement on word length, as long it isn’t a huge tome:)

    Obviously you’ll be credited for your articles.

    Thanks again for the offer:)