How Do People Discover They Are Mediums?

How Do People Discover They Are Mediums?

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  1. Mauro says:

    I can quote the following
    I can quote the following case.  My grandfather had a farm and he needed a new well drilled to supply more water to the cultivations he was planning.  He went to a dowser who, needless to say, found not one but three good spots to drill an irrigation well.
    When inquired on how he discovered this "gift" he told the following story.  After entering puberty he noticed that each time he was crossing a particular square to attend church he felt "strange". Initially he just felt a trifle queasy but as the years went on he began to feel violently ill, to the point he needed to take an alternative rout to church. Traditional medicine could not help so he turned to a Capuchin monk (as I’ve already said in Catholic countries they are widely believed to be have lot of "occult" knowledge) for help.
    This monk quickly discovered the nature of his "illness": under the square a number of deep wells were drilled in the past and then paved over when they weren’t needed anymore. He also taught him how to "control" his gift and find deep-running water.
    He didn’t use a divining rod as usually pictured: he just walked over an area and when he started to feel "strange" he marked the location, double checking it later. I have no explanation to give, except that… it worked!

  2. snaknap says:

    i can recuver from pain very
    i can recuver from pain very quickly and i hear voasis alot!

  3. Daniel Parkinson says:

    Probably more importantly – how would you prove that you were a clairvoyant or a medium? Or is it more a question of belief.

  4. Domus Ventorum says:

    ‘sensitive’the right word?

    Since I was 3 years old,I have seen and heard people that are not ‘there’.

    There is nothing spooky about it in general,although I have had a few experiences where I have definatelly been in the presence of what I dont think started out as humans one way or the other.

    The most disturbing thing I have seen,has to be in South-Africa where I am from.
    A few years ago I was at a friends house,helping the family to set up tables etc for a birthday party outside.
    I was laying out some plates etc,when out of the corner of my eye,I saw this very small ‘person’,about two feet in height,with a little old fashioned white linen dress and turban like scarf around her head.
    This little person was really old,all wrinkled,but what disturbed me the most was that she had this very malevolant look in the eyes and her presence made me feel lightheaded as well.

    I sensed about her that she had links with the slave colony,and she was definatelly very AWARE of me looking at her.

    Two of my friends said they could feel something was really wrong,but they saw nothing but a small shadowy figure.

    I can write for hours about all that I have seen,but my question is,what would a person like me be called, a sensitive,psychic etc etc?

    I often ‘know’what will happen in a day or two,and then it does exactly,I can sense when people havent long to live etc etc.I would like to add that whenever I see a spirit it is always with audio as well.



    • Mysteryshopper says:

      Domus Ventorum wrote:
      I was

      [quote=Domus Ventorum]I was laying out some plates etc,when out of the corner of my eye,I saw this very small ‘person’,about two feet in height,with a little old fashioned white linen dress and turban like scarf around her head[/quote]

      Did you turn to look straight at the figure? If so, did it change its appearance at all?

  5. Domus Ventorum says:

    In answer to Mysteryshoppers question:

    Hi there,

    yes,I watched this little person for what must have been a good 5-6 minutes,what I meant was that I initially saw her movement out of the corner of my eye.And no,it did not change its appearance at all,the most extraordinary feelings i sensed around it,was how very aware it was of me.

    Sorry,my english isnt always the best when it comes to describing things πŸ™‚

  6. someonestole shell says:

    Does anyone think that it is
    Does anyone think that it is possible for someone like myself,who doesn’t really have any extra senses with regard to spirits,to develop anything?

    I have the belief that there is a spirit world etc. However I have only ever had a few encounters that were so brief that I brushed it off as my mind playing tricks. Only later did I think about it a bit more and became curious.
    I wonder if my own fear would hold me back and whether everyone has the ability,no matter how limited it would be?

  7. Domus Ventorum says:

    Someonestoles,I am sure that

    Someonestoles,I am sure that all of us have some form of sensitivity,however small it may be πŸ™‚

    Do you have anyone that you trust that are a true psychic to give you a reading where you can ask Spirit all your questions regarding this?And I dont mean some lousy rubber chicken pretending to be a psychic at a gazzilion pounds per minute?

    I am sorry if I am going to offend anyone with what I am typing now..but ANYONE with the true gift..will NEVER ask for money.Yes I know they need to make a living also,like all of us do,but being who and what I am myself,I just can never see how coin exhanging hands for what should be pure and simple help from the Spirit world could ever be o.k?

    As for your other questions,fear does hold you back,but may I ask what exactly you are afraid off?Horror movie type images that got imbedded over the years in your mind?

    Unfortunatelly the truth is way less glamorous…(I am smiling here,because this is so true),we all started out as Energy,and when a person dies,that energy remains sometimes,good or bad,confused or angry,all it is,is still just energy.

    So if you are afraid of visually upsetting things,ghosthunting is not for you(talking in general here),never have anything I have SEEN really upset,but the energies surrounding a spirit,now THAT can be frightening.

    I could go on and on the whole day,but need some breakfast now πŸ™‚


    • Turtlethrone says:

      Domus Ventorum wrote: I am
      [quote=Domus Ventorum]I am sorry if I am going to offend anyone with what I am typing now..but ANYONE with the true gift..will NEVER ask for money.[/quote]

      I am a third generation clairvoyant and I have always been brought up with this principal.  What a shame πŸ™

  8. someonestole shell says:

    Β I think movie images have
     I think movie images have probably given me a fear,but more of the unknown I guess. I have seen things in my own house and haven’t been frightened. My dog however went nuts.

    I know what human beings are capable of,so I imagine their energies would be frightening.
    I am unaware of anyone that I could really trust that is genuine. I guess I will just keep going along until it kind of "Falls in my lap". My life tends to happen like that alot.

    Thanks for your thoughts Domus. πŸ˜€

    • Domus Ventorum says:

      I tend to


      I tend to think that is exactly why most people fear ‘ghosts’.
      Hollywood portrays them as slobbering psychotic scary things,always on the lurk for some unsuspecting human,as theyre sole purpose is to scare the living daylights out of any living thing,lol.

      Nothing could be farther from the truth,as with us living humans,there always are balance,there are mostly good,there are some bad,and a very tiny majority are outright evil.

      You are quite right,human/spirit energies are both frightening at times.

      As for your dog,animals have slightly higher vibrations than our own,thus it is easier for them to sense,hear or see things that we dont.

      If youre dog just barked or acts interrested,its fine,but if he really whimpers,and you feel waves of fear rolling of him(I know that sounds melodramatic,but thats exatly how I pick up on animal energies),you might want to consider making life a little bit easier for the doggy..and ask whomever is in your house in a calm,gentle and respectfull manner,to please be considerate and try and avoid scaring the dog.

      As for someone falling into your lap,I am smiling here..for they will most certainly do Someonestoles,so keep on avoiding those Fakes..and remember the biggest universal law,LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE.And I dont mean in a cheesy sort of way,lol,but in who or what people tend to attract once they decided to embrak on theyre Journey spiritually.

      No problem,my thoughts are free,no need for thanks,I am so glad I joined this site πŸ™‚


  9. someonestole shell says:

    Thanks Domus. I appreciate
    Thanks Domus. I appreciate that I have found this site also. πŸ™‚ 

  10. PhenomInvestigator says:

    In my experience

    Studying mediums for 40 years I have found that most evolve slowly. There is usually a critical moment in time when things change markedly. This is often accompanied by a signature event in the potential medium’s life and it not infrequently is traumatic.

    Anomalous Phenomena is Unexplained not Impossible
    Psi is Subtle not Absolute
    nything is possible, it’s all a matter of Probability

    • Ian Topham says:

      [quote=PhenomInvestigator]Studying mediums for 40 years I have found that most evolve slowly. There is usually a critical moment in time when things change markedly. This is often accompanied by a signature event in the potential medium’s life and it not infrequently is traumatic.[/quote]

      From my experience and the mediums/clairvoyants I have spoken to over the years I would have to say that I agree with you PhenomInvestigator.  I wonder if we could post an anonymous questionnaire for people who believe they have an ability and look for similarities in the answers.

  11. Columbine says:

    Β Anyone hear about the
     Anyone hear about the ‘Twitter Experiment’? It’s in the lastest New Scientist, really interesting stuff. 

  12. markjones1970 says:

    Re: How Do People Discover They Are Mediums?
    Nothing happened to me ever until I moved up north to Salford from Northampton. The house is haunted and I believe there is some sort of ‘entrance’ at the bottom of the stairs. Lots of stuff has happened here. The 1st 2 years were very ‘noisy’. Everyone who lived here had stuff happen to them, usually when they were in bed!

    Then I got ill. I had panic attacks and was off work for a year. When I got better I found I was seeing and hearing stuff EVERYWHERE, at work, while driving, in friends houses, in bed etc. I have lots of out of the corner of my eye people who aren’t there when I look straight at them, though I can see there whole bodies and faces when not looking straight at them. I hear things, I experienced invisible cobwebs over my face that crackled, heard voices in rooms where there’s no one in them, got 5 quite deep scratches on my back while in my bedroom on my own, heard voices under my bed, had someone sit on the bed while I was wide awake, heard people walking about in a room above that is empty and 3 weeks ago my bedroom lit up with a white light for half a second at 1am, and there was NOTHING for a light like that to come from. There was no source of the light, the room just lit up! It was bewildering!

    It comes and goes. Sometimes stuff happens every other day, sometimes there’s nothing for a year. But now I’ve got a grip on what it is and I realised I’m not going mad (I was at the brink of going to the Doctors!) it doesn’t scare me at all. It fascinates me. They are only people that used to be alive. And I will be what they are when I shed this skin I’m in now. As I said in another thread, it’s THE best thing to happen to me. Now I’m not scared of dying, I’m 99% sure that there IS something else.

    I’ve been to the Spiritualist Church and a few times meduims have spoke to me and said that they can tell I’m sensitive and that I have the potential to be doing the same work as them. I just haven’t found a way yet to develop it yet. Work is getting in the way of the ‘Open Circles’ round here that I need to attend to start the development, which is a tad frustrating, I feel I’ve been given a taste of this gift and just want to get going and developing it.

  13. jordanbenidict says:

    Re: How Do People Discover They Are Mediums?
    do i have a gift?

    whenever i go out or am at home my neck tingles when i walk through doors it is weird also i see things out the corner of my eye it is weird some times i feel weird i when i see churches and graveyards

  14. Ecardina says:

    Re: How Do People Discover They Are Mediums?
    There seems to be a pattern suggesting mediums are born into families containing other mediums. Often a parent or grandparent will help them discover.

  15. fumanchu says:

    Re: How Do People Discover They Are Mediums?
    Markjones1970,  my story is almost identical to yours  πŸ™‚

  16. wishing says:

    Re: How Do People Discover They Are Mediums?
    Fascinating stories! I wi;l always remember my first experience, although I was very young. This ‘gift’ has been a part of my family for generations, too.

  17. mystic says:

    Re: How Do People Discover They Are Mediums?
     If you have the  gift of Mediumship,you  most often see Spirit activity at night this mainly because the mind is too busy during the day,  seeing  spirit faces, etc which is disturbing to an infant.  There is a heightened sense of knowing and awareness.  I heard my  "door keeper"   the  chief Spirit who helps and guides the Medium they have willingly  been assigned to, as  I would those on Earth  Many mediums  have. a period of  "shutting" down as  life rushes in.mostly around twelve, I could no longer my friend.!!  I later  heard after an  traffic accident.  Mediums  through my experience do not know the title of medium until they enter sPiritualist church. It just seems natural to the one who has the  Gift

    Mediums are born not made, it is has been researched  by Dr Felipe Oliviera of Sao Paulo  university,he  researched the Pineal gland  ( sometimes called the third eye)  he discovered that mediums had more  crystals in the gland than none mediums  ( calcification) it appears they act as transmission and receivers,  his  attempt as a joke was mediums are like "mobile  phones to the Spirit world!!


  18. mystic says:

    Re: How Do People Discover They Are Mediums?
    Mediums do not evolve that gift ,it is already, but I do agree that mediums or sensitive gifts do grow more sensitive and more awareness, it becomes more refined,swifter if you like I decide to research how it was i was able to be aware of the Spirit Realms. It just I take noone s opinion I like to find out for my self. I was born with this awareness of the Spirit spectrum, not by trauma.