investigate for FREE!

investigate for FREE!

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3 Responses

  1. Ian Topham says:

    Re: investigate for FREE!
    Hi E303, are you thinking of actually getting involved in investigating?  Joining an actual group you respect and can work with may be a good idea and get involved with their cases.

  2. E303 Gun_Man says:

    Re: investigate for FREE!

    Mate I am part of group it’s called E303
    we have been on loads of locations around the UK but thing is we always go out with third party organizers. When someone else is organizing the show it tends to spoil it at bit.
    That is why we want to find our own places to go and investigate. We went to Cold Christmas in Essex and that was great but we need more like that and it would be better if it was inside due to the bad weather we have in this country.
    Cheers Wayne
    Group site:

  3. Ian Topham says:

    Re: investigate for FREE!
    I suppose it all depends upon how your group operates.  There are paranormal investigators that follow a case through from its start, taking witness statements, doing site examinations and if it calls for it perhaps doing an all night vigil or investigation.  As these are their cases and are working closely with the sites owners in a professional capacity I would not expect them to be charged for their work. 

    There are also investigation groups who then pay to attend haunted locations through 3rd parties for one off nights and are not really part of any on going investigation of the reported experiences.

    So you might want to look at taking the lead in investigating cases yourselves rather than going through other companies if you want to do them for free.  Then again, that calls for a lot of work which does lead to some expense.