Jack the Ripper Revealed!

Jack the Ripper Revealed!

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  1. Daniel Parkinson says:

    Jack the Ripper Revealed
    I wonder how many more ‘Truth about Jack the Ripper’ books that information will inspire. We are actually in the process of putting a section together on some of the darker aspects of folklore and history and Jack will probably have to be included.

  2. Ian Topham says:

    Masonic Conspiracy?
    There have been links drawn to the type of wounds on the Ripper victims and certain parts of masonic ceremony, however, I really doubt that there would be a masonic instigated coverup.  He may have made friends in the masons who assisted him, but I very much doubt it would have been sanctioned by Grand Lodge 🙂

    The oaths taken by masonic candidates include abiding by the law of the country they are in…..which would include not committing murder.  So a conspiracy to cover up murder or hide a murderer within their ranks would be very un-masonic.  How would I know?  [wink].

    Looks like Cutbush could be a good candidate for the killings though.

  3. steve_ash says:

     The Cutbush Conspiracy?

     The Cutbush family seem quite wealthy and very active in freemasonry since the early 18th century (at least from circumstantial evidence, and were originally a family of clockmakers ), so I would imagine Supt Cutbush would be quite well placed in the local police lodge, so more of the ‘cover up’ by friends if anything I’d say. Just to avoid embarassing the family. And even that seems to have led to his suicide a few years later. The idea that Grand Lodge was involved would be daft I agree (they’d be far too busy in dodgy property deals! 😉 ) , and the conspiracy theorist’s idea that there was masonic symbolism in the murders is absurd I think. But they may have picked up on something and blew it up to ridiculous proportions.


    Its looking like what happened is his family, perhaps with assistance, had him put in a private asylum in 1889, stopping the murders (which is all that would have happened if it had been made public). But he’s released in 1891 apparently well, only to find he’s lost his inheritance (of two small houses), so attempts to slash the throat of his mother and aunt. He ends up in an Infirmary, escapes attacks two women in the street with a knife and gets locked up again, ending up in Broadmoor.


    Ironically Inspector Macnaughtan’s confidential memorandum which listed some of the main suspects who have occupied researchers ever since, and failed to fit the bill, was originally written to refute the Cutbush claims and point the finger elsewhere!  



  4. steve_ash says:

    Bizarre Synchronicity
     If  you like odd coincidences I’m just puzzling over the fact that Cutbush was the English translation of Taillebois, who I just mentioned in the thread on Cumbria, strange very strange LOL

  5. Ian Topham says:

    I probably don’t need to
    I probably don’t need to post this but I don’t want the fact I am a mason to prevent people posting about masonic conspiracies etc.  I love a good masonic conspiracy as much as the next man and it was those and my fascination with Templars that orignally enticed me look further into the subject, develop my interest and eventually join.

    However, I don’t think we are the henchmen of the Illuminati, but if we are and a member of the Illuminati is reading this……..I haven’t got my henchmans jumpsuit yet……can I have a yellow one please?   lol

  6. steve_ash says:

     I don’t think Masonic
     I don’t think Masonic conspiracies reflect badly on Masons any more than say police corruption reflects badly on the police force or dodgy priests refute Christianity, some of my best friends are Masons :))

    Things might have been different in the past with naughty Jacobites and the real Illuminati and their ilk no doubt used lodges to their advantage in the 18th Century, but none of that is really viable today we live in a more diverse and fragmented society.

  7. agable says:

    Re: Jack the Ripper Revealed!
    One aspect I’ve often thought about is: what kind of evidence would we really need?  At this point, what outside of a direct eyewitness account would we really need to definitively say "this is Jack the Ripper" and have it be accepted as a solved case, rather than as some random guy’s theory — know what I mean? 

    I’ve found what (to me) is some pretty convincing evidence of someone who may have had much more to do with the case — maybe even as Jack himself.  The police mentioned in official statements (contained in Stewart Evans’ JACK THE RIPPER CASEBOOK (or COMPANION, depending on if you’re looking in the US or UK) that in October of 1888, a time period Jack was taking a breather after the double Stride/Eddowes killing, a vagrant named John Langan was arrested by French police in Boulogne, I believe it was — and Scotland Yard questioned him, as he resembled some of the witness sketches of Jack.  He provided the police with all the information and was released.

    Now, in a totally seperate angle, it’s a fairly well-known aspect of the case that we know NOTHING of Mary Jane Kelly, the final victim (and, to me, most important to the killer, given the apparent amount of rage — interesting to me that Catherine Eddowes was arrested the night of her murder and had used the alias Mary Ann Kelly) except what she said to Joe Barnett.  Part of her story seemed to indicate that she had been married, at the age of 16,  to a Welshman named (John or Joseph) Davies.  Well, a search of British census records from 1881 do reveal that, in Merthyr Tydfil (near Cardiff) there was a 16 year old girl named Mary Jane Davies living at a hotel.

    Back to Langan.  His statements indicated that he was American, and travelled from America to Britain quite often.  He said that on his last trip, he stayed with a "Mrs Davies" in Merthyr Tydfil!  I know how common a Welsh name Davies is, and that this doesn’t necessarily prove anything.  But if the guy conceivably knew Mary Kelly BEFORE the murders… and was arrested during that time period, so he was in England… well, you do the math.

    I use this as an example.  Would anybody buy something like this as the truth unless someone directly saw and identified Langan as the killer?

  8. Domus Ventorum says:

    Re: Jack the Ripper Revealed!

    This theory was explored at length in the movie ‘From hell’.