Marjorie Staves

Marjorie Staves

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  1. mieza says:

    Re: Marjorie Staves
    Kindly take below for what it’s worth:

    I visited Marjorie Staves in London at the behest of my wife at the time in 1974. I had a s skeptical and condescending attitude towards the whole enterprise from the outset. After Marjorie had spoken to my wife she asked me how she could help me. I said thank you but no thank you. She then asked if she could tell me something. I said, "fine."  She spoke about an older man bearing my name who sat in a chair and lit his pipe by striking the match on his paralytic left hand first. That’s what my grandfather had done when I was a child and her description was letter perfect. Beyond that I had never even mentioned my grandather to my wife so there was no collusion.

    Ms. Staves then asked me again if I wanted to know anything. I said yes I wanted to know about my father since my mother had died just a year ago and I was worried about him. Marjorie thought for a moment and then said that she couldn’t  tell me anything about him. When my wife and I left I asked her why nothing when she was supposed ot know these things intuitively. My wife said if something is wrong – quite wrong – she just won’t say anything about it.. Instead of going to Paris as we had planned on I insisted on going back home to New York. When I got back I went to my father’s neighborhood and stopped in for a beer before seeing him. The man behind the bar knew me and said that all sorts of people had been calling for me and looking for me. Without intending to,  I looked at the bartender and said, " I know, my father died." I walked across the street and my father had died that morning.

    Since you were interested in her I thought I’d pass this on. I understand she wrote an autobiography. I suppose I ought to look into it. Can you tell me anything about it?

    Oh, could you kindly email me at,

    Best wishes,

  2. LucilleLusignan says:

    Re: Marjorie Staves
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  3. S Evans says:

    Re: Marjorie Staves
     John, Many thanks for that interesting reply. It was in my Grandmothers address book, Marjorie Staves visiting card. It has always been a family mystery as to what she was up to visiting this lady and Grandmother was always very secret about her family past,and she may well have been trying to communicate with someone on the other side.

    The book in question I have discovered was

    One Sense Ahead
    The Story of a Clairvoyant
    by Marjorie Staves
    BID ID 2159302
    Published London: Arthur Baker c 1971. 157Pages
    ISBN- 0213993503

    Am on the lookout for it !


  4. indiagold says:

    Re: Marjorie Staves
    thank you for the details of the book.
    I’ll try and find it and read it, but it sounds like,from the date of initial publication that it may be out of print

  5. robyingram says:

    Re: Marjorie Staves
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