Messengers Of Deception

Messengers Of Deception

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  1. Ian Topham says:

    Messengers Of Deception
    I think I agree with here Mauro. I certainly believe people have experiences and UFO’s are being seen, but as to what they are, who knows.

    It was good to see Jenny’s bio there. I have met her a few times and even attended some of her MUFORA (Manchester based BUFORA group) meetings. I got my first real taste of investigating the paranormal when I teamed up with Peter Hough for a haunting case, who has of course written several books with Jenny. All that was many many years ago, I doubt they will remember me now.

  2. Mauro says:

    Messengers Of Deception
    I cannot praise the work of BUFORA highly enough. I think they did absolutely everything a private group without large funding and government backing (ie the French GEPAN/GEPAIN) could do.

    Personally I have come to believe that the Messengers of Deception have "moved on" and have either left the UFO movement to fend for itself or confined it to the spare change part of the budget. The UFO movement was probably a
    useful proving ground but now other "fringe movements" (which I will not name since they are outside the scope of this froums) have taken their place and gaining widespread popular acceptance.
    The methods used are the same, so probably the Puppeteers are also the same.

  3. S Graham says:

    Messengers Of Deception
    I met Jenny in Birmingham in the late 80’s, whilst I read her Northern UFO News – she hasn’t really made too much of her UFO experiences but the News did start to mention it.  BUFORA is a good organisation but it seems the money making groups are undermining UFO cases as much as they are in ghost ‘hunting’… after all the successful companies out there aren’t there to really help you, they are there to make money. Media included who will spin a yarn for either a solution (crop circles) or supplant common sense to make more money (horoscopes, psychics etc). 

    Reading John Keel and Charles Fort shows the one thing lacking to fight the cyncism is a sense of humour at how the mysterious avoids time and again to be pinned down, like a bad movie villain or the sneaky Men in Black. 

    I read Timothy Good too and it’s much less fun, very earnest and three of his books merge into the same factoids with a few updates based on media stories of the time – and so the cycle turns…

  4. Agricola says:

    Didn’t BUFORA have a bit of
    Didn’t BUFORA have a bit of a scandal a few years back which led to it almost folding, or am I thinking of CISOP? I’m not too up on the British UFO scene.

    On another note, Jenny Randles is fantastic. A really good writer and researcher, certainly a lot of people in the paranormal/fortean field, not just UFO, could learn a heck of a lot from her down to earth approach. I’ve long been a follower of her work.

  5. Ian Topham says:

    Lost Track
    I must admit I am more interested in haunting type experiences than UFOs and have lost track a lot of the UFO scene myself.