Monstrous River Snake in Thames!

Monstrous River Snake in Thames!

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12 Responses

  1. MrDickenson says:

    What are the odds!? 
    What are the odds!? 

  2. Ian Topham says:

    Hello AbrahamWins and Mr
    Hello AbrahamWins and Mr Dickenson.  Welcome to the forum.  That is an interesting photograph but I doubt it is abig snake or other creature.  Maybe a pipe or mudbank perhaps.  I am sure some Londoners may have an opinion on it.

    I’ll ad to this comment now.  Perhaps it is just a fake, see also

  3. SteffaOR says:


    It would be interesting to know how deep the thames is around there, because if that were a creature moving surely the wash would be felt, also if you look at the length compared to the Houses of Parliament then that thing would have to be an amazing length, far bigger even than the one in the Borneo river, cant believe that if something that huge was in the Thames then there is not more evidence.
     Whilst it is possible to believe that there may be creatures of immense proportions in the wilds of wanny, not so sure about the Thames. Cool photo though.

  4. mhodder says:

    Hoax pix?
    There was a similar story about a giant snake photographed swimming down the Baleh River in Borneo. It was described and the photo published by the Mail Online. Fortean Times online picked up the story and published it in the 2/19 newsfeed. The two snakes look similar.I suspect someone’s having fun.

  5. Columbine says:

    Probably a hoax
     Sounds fishy to me. Someone commented on the Borneo photo that it might be debris of some sort as well, but either way, it’s suspicious that the two pictures cropped up about the same time. 

  6. AbrahamWinsor says:

    Too big
    Well, as you say, it looks ridicoulously big, and if the photo would be real it would surely beat the length of the longest known animal, the Blue Whale, easily.

    Judging by that photograph, it would’ve been at least 60 – 70 meters (180 – 210 feet) long, and somewhere between seven – eight meters (21 – 24 feet) wide, which is just insane, especially for a snake. Not to mention, the water would be too cold for a large snake, and this one isn’t large, more like huge.

    But if people believe in the Loch Ness monster, what stops this?

  7. Mysteryshopper says:

    Could be a slick of oil on
    Could be a slick of oil on the surface of the water, possibly from the maneuvering boat. If you look at that boat, it does appear to have something trailing behind it.

  8. Ian Topham says:

    Yes it looks similar to the
    Yes it looks too similar to the snake featured in the Mail for it to be anything but a fake.

  9. Mysteryshopper says:

    I still think it’s a
    I still think it’s a small oil slick. They are disturbingly common from boats.

  10. Agricola says:

    Not sure if it’s a slick, as
    Not sure if it’s a slick, as it looks surprisingly undisturbed by the current caused by the bridge. Plus the area around the top of the shape looks distorted so I would either conclude that it has been digitally added, or is a feature which has been digitally manipulated – perhaps it is an oil slick or wake from a speeding boat which has subsequently been moved.

  11. PIKI says:

    I come from spain and love all this things you talk.
    I want to visit Britain soon

  12. Ian Topham says:

    Hello Piki, welcome to the
    Hello Piki, welcome to the Forum.  I am sure you’ll find some interesting places to visit in our pages.