Norfolk UFO Experiences

Norfolk UFO Experiences

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  1. Mauro says:

    Leaving everything else
    Leaving everything else aside, the 1996 sighting is particulary significant since it happened at the height of the 1995-1997 "Flying Triangle flap" in Britain (according to datas gathered by Victor Kean). Flying Triangles are a particular kind of UFOs (given their seemingly solid nature I cannot use the term UAP) which hit the headlines around 1982 with the famous "Hudson Valley Boomerang" flap in the US and increase steadily in frequency reaching a peak in 2003 (according to NIDS data). The 1998 sighting is also consistent with this very particular type of UFO.
    Sightings are invariably the same in nature: a triangular "craft" flying at very low speed with lights on the underside capable of phantastic feats of aerial acrobatics. At the height of famous "Belgian Wave" of 1989-1991 NATO ground radars and Belgian F16 fighter planes managed to get a number of radar locks on the objects, seemingly confirming their solid nature. The objects displayed awareness of being targeted by radars, performing jaw-dropping aerial maneuvers each time a lock was achieved: these included dropping from 10.000 to 500 ft in about 5 seconds. This is one of the best documented UFO cases of all times but, sadly, failed to impress the general public more than Whitley Streiber’s livid book Communion and John Lear’s wild claims.

  2. Agricola says:

     I recall reading a similar
     I recall reading a similar description to the first sighting somewhere, though typically I can’t find where. I think there was a drawing of the cigar like object. 

    I’m thinking perhaps it was in an Orbis book about UFOs or MIBs. I really need to get some books out of storage.

  3. Mauro says:

    The "mothership" popularized by the infamous George Adamski was cigar-shaped.
    The alien craft on which Betty and Barney Hill were allegedly taken by their captors was cigar-shaped.
    So it’s an all too common occurence in ufology.