Poltergeist evidence?

Poltergeist evidence?

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  1. Ian Topham says:

    Re: Poltergeist evidence?
    Did you see this other linked clip?


    They have an investigator there who knows the differance between dust orbs and spiritual ones.  Shame he did not elaborate further.

  2. Mauro says:

    Re: Poltergeist evidence?
    Fundamental flaw. For a proper exorcism to be carried out a bishop’s authorization is needed. This takes months because the bishop is required to form a scientific committee to probe the case and custom also dictates he has to ask for other bishops’ advice and approval. According to the investigator the case died down on its own after a few weeks. What may have happened is a simple "blessing of the house" which everybody (even non-Christians) can request to a Catholic priest and doesn’t require any authorization.
    Curiously enough this blessing seems to "enrage" the "entities" leading to increased parnormal activity in a vast majority of cases, this included.

  3. Mysteryshopper says:

    Re: Poltergeist evidence?
    Polterwotsit has a lot on the ‘poltergeist rap’ stuff – see http://polterwotsit.wordpress.com/2010/09/07/poltergeist-raps-jg-experiments/

    Briefly, you can get the ‘delayed attack’ sounds typical of poltergeist raps if the ordinary knocks originate around a corner or in another room. The links at the start of the piece I’ve linked above provide more background detail on this subject.

  4. indiagold says:

    Re: Poltergeist evidence?
    hello all
    I think it’s appropriate to post this here as users will be searching for anything to do with poltergeist phenomena and any possible explanations for it.
    Recently at work we took delivery of a new photocopier/scanner state of the art stuff. It has a touch screen menu and at the end of the day you call up the shut down menu on the screen and press shutdown. Magically, a few seconds later, the big on/off button at the side physically clicks into the off position. I love this-I know, I ought to get out more!
    Seriously, there is a point-you electronic buffs out there will know exactly what the mechanism is. Now would this be the same as the one that used to cause my car map light to switch itself on and off without my touching it?
    I had an old peugeot years ago and eg I would park up and go into work only to find on getting back into the car at the end of the day that the light was on and hot to boot as well, which was a bit worrying. As map lights are as you know situated in the centre front of the car above the rear view mirror, I thought that maybe I had knocked it accidentally by reaching over for my bags or whatever, but I am not that tall that my head could knock the switch-I experimented. In any event it happened when I was driving sometimes. In short, are electric/magnetic forces a partial answer to poltergeistism?

  5. Ian Topham says:

    Re: Poltergeist evidence?
    Did you ever get an autoelectrician to examine the light India to rule out any technical faults first of all?

  6. indiagold says:

    Re: Poltergeist evidence?
    Well yes and no. I mentioned it to my mechanic and it was he who suggested that perhaps I was accidentally knocking the switch on. He had looked after the car for years and couldn’t think of another explanation, but then he wasn’t an auto electrician. Another common phenomena is when the central locking activated, but that is true of a lot of people. It is some other driver using their fob in the vicinty of your car. ok there is an explanation in modern (microwave?) technology, but can we apply this to old phenomena? Obviously not, but as I say it may be that magnetic forces of the environment, might hold the key to some of the strange stories about items moving without human intervention.