Residual Energy

Residual Energy

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  1. Mysteryshopper says:

    Re: Residual Energy
    Also, is a ghost ‘residual energy’ or a ‘spirit’ or something else entirely?

  2. Mauro says:

    Re: Residual Energy
    Indeed. I think most people won’t agree on what a ghost is, let alone on how its physical presence or "residual energy" can be measured. Does it leave a specific trace in any area of the electromagnetic spectre? All we have right no are the so called "cold spots" but it seems to me their link to ghosts themselves is quite tenous. Also while IR detectors are relatively cheap and easy to operate (hence the popularity of the aforementioned "cold spots") other instruments are not as easy to procure and operate and nowhere near as cheap so other parts of the specter (microwaves, just to make an example) aren’t usually taken into account.

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  3. Ian Topham says:

    Re: Residual Energy

    I noticed with the seance that Michael Jackson hat carried ‘residual energy’.   I have seen mediums pick up on residual energy in locations that are supposed to be haunted and they then communicate with the spirit.  If pretty much anything can collect residual energy and I assume this stuff is just accumulating over time, how come they can just sift through to communicate with their target spirit.

  4. Englishpsychic says:

    Re: Residual Energy
    Residual energy is just leftover energy. The ghost is gone, the event is over, but the impact is still felt. If you visit some ancient houses, you might feel that the atmosphere is a bit "heavy." That is residual energy. 

  5. Leekduck says:

    Re: Residual Energy

    Residual Energy basicly means, If a person lives in a place or uses an object for a large amount of his life, Part of his energy is left there, Thats the theory anyway

  6. Ian Topham says:

    Re: Residual Energy
    But if this ‘energy’ is left over, surely a physicist woul dhave identified it by now and developed a method of measuring it.  Can we tap into this ‘energy’ and run a CD player?

  7. Leekduck says:

    Re: Residual Energy
    Thats a good point actualy

  8. PhenomInvestigator says:

    Re: Residual Energy
    Early analyses of surveys in England suggest that there are four classic types of apparitions. Three are interactive in nature and one is what has come to be termed ‘residual’, namely the ‘haunting’ apparition, more commonly termed a ‘ghost’ by tradition.

    The residual (haunting) apparition is thought today to be a product of a memory of a living individual, now deceased. This memory imprint, when encountered by suitably sensitive individuals, may be interpreted as a haunting apparitional event. This imprinting implies a physical process, and one wonders if this is in any way analagous to information detected by a clairvoyant.

    The key potential connective tissue here is the apparent ability of the human mind to influence its environment, that is to say psychokinesis (PK). It may be that a form of PK comes into play to create this residual field. And in fact, extending the notion a bit, it may be PK of the living which in fact creates the information fields that lay at the heart of most if not all anomalous phenomena and abilities.

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