Rolleston Junior School Haunting.

Rolleston Junior School Haunting.

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3 Responses

  1. BaronIveagh says:

    Re: Rolleston Junior School Haunting.

    This actually sounds typical of a school ghost.  Kids often tell stories like the girl in the bathroom (made worse by movies like the Harry Potter franchise) or the teacher that died in the library.  Most of the time, they’re made up by the students, though at older insitutions they get passed down from one class to the next, so it’s hard to tell who started it in the first place.  Some school ghosts have been around for a surprisingly long time.

    Summum Nec Metuam Diem Nec Optima

  2. myvoodoochild says:

    Re: Rolleston Junior School Haunting.
    I’ve always thought that it was made up as I’ve always known that the only ‘Lady Jane’ (or least the most famous) is of Lady Jane Grey (the 9 Day Queen) at Bradgate Park, Newtown Linford. Although this didn’t stop it from scaring the 8 year old me.

  3. BaronIveagh says:

    Re: Rolleston Junior School Haunting.
    The saddest, to me , anyway, was Lady Jane Franklin, widow of the famed explorer Sir John Franklin.  She spent a staggering sum sending expeditions to find her missing husband. 

    And now my burden it gives me pain

    For my long-lost Franklin I would cross the main

    Ten thousand pounds I would freely give

    To know on earth, that my Franklin do live.