Strange places

Strange places

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  1. Ian Topham says:

    Do you know of any haunting
    Do you know of any haunting stories connected to Glennridding?  I am involved with a case in the village (private residence and case I cannot discuss on the website) and I was just wondering if this property had a history of being haunted.  So, if you know of any of the buildings having a reputation of being haunted I would be interested.

    But, back on topic.  I’m originally from Oldham so spent time visiting sites in and around Saddleworth, especially if they had a pub close by.  Also Hartshead Pike.  We were lucky enough to investigate our local pub, which made visiting a legitimate academic exercise:)

    From my late teens I got involved in some Cumbrian cases as well, so I’d head up the M6 and spent a few days around the investigation visiting various stone circles like swinside and numerous other locations that ghosts had been reported to haunt.

    • Heeley- says:

      When I lived there we had

      When I lived there we had tales that someone,for some reason I think it was a Monk, had been hanged in the boathouse.Its Just on the end of the lake as you go towards patterdale.
      One night I was walking back with my Now Husband and we both heard and saw figures on the trees of a private house on the other side of the road , it sounded like drums and the figures were dressed like pagans. It was probably just people messing about but they managed to be there all the way to patterdale and crossed a road without being to obvious?
      Then there was the tragedy of the mine fall which destroyed a lot of the village, a small museum at the foot of Hellveyn gives more detail.
      Of course there has been many deaths in the lake, being so deep and with its underwater current makes it very dangerous.On the other side of the lake there is a path that goes from side farm 🙂 to howtown, past silver point is a place where there have been a lot of suicides.
      Ian I can give you some details of someone in the village who would be able to help more and could be trusted.

  2. Daniel Parkinson says:

    The oddest place I have been

    The oddest place I have been was a converted Abbey in Cumbria, which will remain nameless as it is now privately owned but there was something odd about the place, the stories, the history, the characters who showed us round, the things that had been happening there, it was just a bit wierd – not saying there was anything provable but a place that gave you the creeps, Ian was there and I am sure would back me up on this.

    Apart from that I was lucky enough to live in a few different places when younger so there were always new places to check out.

    There is probably enough material for a book given the places Ian and our group went to years ago – although Ian did not have to travel far for wierd things happening.

  3. Seannachaidh says:

    A t ninestanes where a

    A t ninestanes where a wizard was executed by putting him in a cauldron to be boiled to death!  Shudders…

  4. Agricola says:

    Must be a cumbrian thing,
    Must be a cumbrian thing, but I use to live in south Cumbria and there were always stories of lights being seen on Morecambe Bay – lights of travellers lost on the sands. Also stories of lights over Birkrigg Common, and around the stone circle, though I know plenty of people who have spent hours up there at night and not seen anything.

    Also heard a few stories about a converted monastic dwelling – usual stuff though, Romans, polts, monks, etc.

  5. Ian Topham says:

    I also spent some time
    I also spent some time visiting places in Derbyshire.  Lady Bower Resevoir, Castleton, Mam Tor, Winnets Pass and the Devil’s Arse (Peak Cavern).  They should all be in the gazetteer.

  6. Neil Boothman says:

    Peak Cavern
    The Peak Cavern article looks a little gaunt these days – perhaps a field trip should be on the cards to get some photographs. 🙂

    The main streamway in Peak Cavern is said to be impressive; a fine example of phreatic tube passage:

    • Daniel Parkinson says:

      Neil Boothman wrote: a
      [quote=Neil Boothman]
       a fine example of phreatic tube passage:

      Sounds like a medical condition – yes I know I lowered the tone again!

      More seriously this part of the Peak District is a great place to visit. Mam Tor, Peak Cavern Peveril Castle, Blue John Cavern etc.

  7. Ian Topham says:

    We do tend to get lost
    We do tend to get lost disorientated an awful lot when we go pot holing Neil 🙂  But you are right, we should explore some of these caves with attached legends a little deeper, with a field trips.

  8. BaronIveagh says:

    Re: Strange places
    The site of the Andersonville death camp.  I will never set foot in that place again.  I don’t frighten easilly, but there was something about it that just terrified me.

    Summum Nec Metuam Diem Nec Optima

  9. Ecardina says:

    Glen Coe Pass
    The famously haunted Glen Coe pass, and viking graveyard at Arrochar.