Study To Be Launched Into NDE’s

Study To Be Launched Into NDE’s

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  1. snaknap says:

    i think that  the only time
    i think that  the only time peapel can see goasts is just before thay die

  2. Kim says:

    Isn’t it said to be chemical

    Isn’t it said to be chemical changes in the brain? Along with side effect to numerous drugs.

    However not being an expert or very well read on NDE’s I can not comment further at mo ;o)

  3. Dave says:

    Are they actually similar?

    Are they actually similar?

    OBE tends to be a concious or unconcious shift of your perception (or spirit if you like) to outside your body in oder to move around in a controlled manner.

    NDE is a clearly uncontrollable by the concious mind and exists as a memory when concious afterwards (if you are lucky).

    Are the same things possible? I would suggest not as one may be controlled and the other not.

    Just my thoughts.

  4. Ophiel says:

    OBEs occur in NDEs (a

    OBEs occur in NDEs (a componenet of them) – but yes they do appear to be triggered by different stimuli.  However, i would still think they are both based in the brain and not necessarily paranormal

  5. StrangeRichard says: near death has biological cause.

    it’s from the same page and was first published in 06 so out of date now but states that rem intrusion is a likely cause or nde. dafter things have been heard

    • nigel wright says:


      Just a quick note to say  that I experenced one of these events, following a serious cancer op, some seventeen years ago. My veiw is that I left my body and saw and heard things that occured around me. These events were such that I could not have known what they were, without having had an outsiders veiwpoint.

  6. Ophiel says:

    Hi Nigel
    wow!!!!!!!!  –

    Hi Nigel

    wow!!!!!!!!  – psychology studies suggest you can gain knowledge through your other senses (other than vision) to give rise to that illusion.

    Have you read the books by Blackmore and another one by Worelee?  Both are good and i recommend them highly.

    • nigel wright says:

      thanks for books suggestions!
      Hi Ophiel!..

      Many thanks for the recomendation re the subject of OBE books. I must confess that I have read neither author. I shall indeed now go into my local bookshop, and try to find them!. The experence that I had was semi-responsible for my changing job, from taxi owner to paranormal journalist. it really encouraged me to explore the whole subject of the paranormal.

      Anyway, many thanks for the kind comments and advise!

  7. Ophiel says:

    happy to help!!!!! – if you

    happy to help!!!!! – if you Google Dr Susan Blackmore – you will get onto her webpage and she has some (dated though free) articles.

    her book on NDEs is circa 1992 / 1993 and she has one on OBEs circa 1982 – both are regarded as classics in the field (even if you dont agree with them – do read them – well written and well researched)

    Kind regards

  8. judylugg says:

    Re: Study To Be Launched Into NDE’s
    How I wish that I could ‘get over’ the following to everyone, having had what I would describe as two Near Death Experiences:

    The most vivid and the one that has stayed with me all my life since I was four years old ( I am now sixty-five) happened when I had a severe bout of double pneumonia at that age – this would have been in about November 1948. It left me with no fear whatsoever of what we refer to as ‘ Death’ and the knowledge that this life we are in now is not the end, only a precursor to another time and place.

    Apparently it was thought that I was going to die as I had been extremely ill for several days and antibiotics in those days were in their infancy – it was usual with very high fevers for the doctor to await the crisis ie. for the fever to break and you recovered, or it did not and you died.

    During this time of very high fever, I was in a place which I can only describe as being ‘on the way to Heaven’ – bearing in mind that I was only four, I was not articulate enough to actually fully describe what I saw and felt but in later years, of course, I have related this to may people – it is as vivid as if it happened yesterday.

    I was alone, but NOT alone – I had the feeling of a benign, greatly loving presence and was in the most indescribably beautiful place – I was walking along a shady path with a hedge and bank to the left and over-hanging trees to the right. The bank was covered in the most vividly coloured flowers of every hue, some I now know but others I have never seen elsewhere and under the trees were others equally as colourful and beautiful. This description goes no where near to describing what I actually saw.

    The path sloped slightly upwards and in the distance I could see what, I suppose was the afternoon sun, with streaky pink clouds moving slowly across a cerulean blue sky. The feeling I had was that I was going towards something where I dearly wanted to be BUT for some reason I was being gently discouraged – I can only say that I seemed to be walking but getting nowhere.

    During this time I was a also aware that my parents and grandparents seemed to be near but not in my sight – seems odd, I know, but that is how it felt.

    Eventually I had the feeling that this was not where I was supposed to be yet and the beauty of place seemed to fade as if it were a dream. I do not know how long this experience lasted but on waking I found that my grandparents, parents and the doctor were all around my bed smiling at me, all pleased that I had survived a very bad bout of double pneumonia.

    The second NDE was, strangely enough, when I suffered another bout of pneumonia, whilst living in the USA in 1997. (I have been very healthy apart from these two episodes throughout my life.)

    I had been vaguely unwell for a few days, collapsed and was carted off to hospital, unconscious with a temperature of 105F – apparently almost dead. I was given very powerful antibiotics by drip as I had quite a rare form of a pneumococcal pneumonia. I was unconscious for three days.

    During that time, I was in a place that I can only describe a ‘ the ante-room’ to dying – it was a lovely warm, cocooned place, all a beautiful shade of velvety blue. There did not appear to be anyone else there with me but I KNEW that there was – I seemed to feel that I was being told that I was going to be all right and it was not my time yet and I would have to ‘go back’ I really did not want to as I cannot describe the wonderful. peaceful, loving feeling that surrounded me. Eventually this feeling faded and I must have gone into a normal sleep, waking up three days later, weak but almost recovered from the pneumonia.

    I was aware some of the time of hearing voices discussing me being taken for more X-rays and could see a nurse inserting a needle into the back of my right hand for an extra drip. I heard the doctor tell her it was a saline drip, needed because I was very dehydrated.and strangely during this experience I seemed to be aware of young children’s voices. At this time I seemed to be watching what was going on from somewhere above the bed. The explanation for the childrens’ voices was that I was in a room, just off the Childrens’ Ward as there was a shortage of beds in the Adult wards.

    The nurse in charge of me told me that they thought that when I was brought in that they had lost me as my temperature was so high. They had had to pack me in ice. I had to see the Doctor for the next two weeks daily and he was totally surprised when I told him that I knew where the pneumonia was in my lungs ( right at the bottom of both lungs) and I told him that I had heard him say it when he looked at my X-rays – he said that that could not be correct as he had not discussed this fact in my room and anyway I was unconscious!

    I can only say that I feel that I am lucky in that, as I have already said, I have no fear of ‘death’ – it’s just another part of living but in another place.

    It’s a great old world we live in, isn’t it – just wish I could fathom out everything about it – some hopes, eh?

  9. Englishpsychic says:

    Re: Isn’t it said to be chemical
    Isn’t it said to be chemical changes in the brain? Along with side effect to numerous drugs.

    However not being an expert or very well read on NDE’s I can not comment further at mo ;o)[/quote]

    Well, why do these chemical changes take place only in the case of a few? Since the physiology of our brain is similar, why don’t we all have a glimpse of a ghost. It sure would make life less humdrum than it is. 

  10. Ian Topham says:

    Re: Study To Be Launched Into NDE’s
    Not all our brains are identical though are they.  For instance some people suffer from epilepsy. 

  11. indiagold says:

    Re: Study To Be Launched Into NDE’s
    I am familiar with the argument that drugs given to a patient(eg morphine) can cause hallucinations, but I would like to share with you all the experience my mother had many years ago.
    She was about 20 years old and was in the Royal Liverpool Hospital. This would be about 1947.She was dying of Rheumatic fever.Antibiotics had only just become available for the civilian population-she was not on any other medication.She was saved in the nick of time, whilst a young mother of 22 died of the same condition in the next bed.
    She had an OBE and looked down at herself in the hospital bed and heard her sister say “she’s fading” and “I think she has gone”.
    Well, she survived but never forgot the experience.
    Sadly today she is in a Hospice dying of pancreatic cancer, but she has no fear of death as she said it isn’t too bad.

  12. michelleF says:

    Re: Study To Be Launched Into NDE’s
    My dad had a NDE.
    In his early 20s he was a keen motorbiker and seeing as crash helmets did not legally HAVE to be worn he used to speed around with a cowboy hat on…
    Anyway, one day he was riding along a country road (probably going a tad too fast), turned a corner and ran straight into a milkfloat that was coming out of someones drive.
    He flew over the top of the float and landed in the road. The ambulance was called and he was pronounced dead at the scene and covered over.
    After a few minutes however an ambulance worker saw his leg twitch – they thought it was nerves but checked to make sure and sure enough there was now a heartbeat.
    He fully recovered in hospital – he didnt even have any broken bones amazingly.
    But when he awoke he told how as soon as he hit the float everything went black. He then saw a a small light which grew into a tunnel. He seemed to be inside this tunnel and flashing before his eyes were images of various stages of his life. The next thing he knew was that he awoke in hospital.
    My dad is a VERY down to earth type of man and only talks about this if you ask him and then he doesnt even seem to think its of much interest! But I have always found it fascinating.

    A funny (well not funny really) part of this story is that when he awoke in hospital one of the first things he said was “wheres my mate that was on the back of me?”
    Apparently his best mate had been on the back of the bike. The area was searched but he was nowhere to be found. It only came to light a few days later that his mate had landed in the field and had hobbled home with a broken ankle!