The Teesdale Inheritance

The Teesdale Inheritance

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5 Responses

  1. Ian Topham says:

    Why would someone put such
    Why would someone put such an elborate hoax together if they don’t try to capitalise on it somehow?

  2. Daniel Parkinson says:

    Could the agenda not have
    Could the agenda not have been to raise the profile and create publicity and intrigue for the the Raelian Cult? Just a thought.

  3. Mauro says:

    The Raelians have long been
    The Raelians have long been suspected of being more than they look. For example in the early days of the sect Vorilhon had access to very large sums of money. Nobody knows where the money came from: Vorilhon was impecunious to say the least at the time and he had few followers, none of which could be described as affluent. When they announced of having succeeded in cloning the first human embryo this piece of news was picked up by press agencies and medias all the over the world, from Aberdeen to Osaka. We are not talking about Sunday tabloids but respectable and influential medias.
    It turned out to be unsubstantiated to say the least but Raelians had more than a few days of glory. Since every day some individual or group makes a statement as bold and carrying as much shock value as the Raelians’ and they are not deemed worthy of the slightest attention, we are left to wonder how did they manage to get their story on every single newspaper. That the medias are easily manipulated (if not downright controlled) is no wonder at all: the problem is why this group of "weirdoes" were deemed worthy of so much attention.
    Also the choice of the three finalists, a very well-known contactee, a UFO researcher and a respectable and open-minded academic, is suspicious to say the least. The presence of two witnesses apparently picked at random is also suspicious: perhaps they were the final targets, perhaps they were hidden observers, perhaps they were simply hired extras put there to give an helping hand making the whole even more incredible.
    The Teesdale Inheritance episode is very little known even inside the UFO community: it has never appeared on any mainstream media and is little known outside of French literature. The Raelians perhaps served as willing accomplices but recieved no pubblicity at all. And Ian is right in pointing out "why?". And that’s the problem with many cases involving UFOs, starting with the Rendlesham Forest case.
    It does not make any sense yet it really happened.

  4. S Graham says:

    I vaguely recall (and looked
    I vaguely recall (and looked it up again on Google) the raelians involvement in clonaid and their statement to the press on their success in creating the first human clone – a statement that was repeated in many papers besides the usual tabloid press, probably due to a peak of interest in the subject by the media at the time, but which evaporated into nothing – I guess false claims like this aren’t punishable, yet it did prove a lack of thorough journalism into the Raelian claims.

    I haven’t heard this tale before, but it is an intriguing anecdote and a mystery as to why the Raelians would be involved – lack of any factual information seems to indicate a hoax or a an attempt to gain publicity – which seems to have failed if the story stayed within the french press.

  5. Mauro says:

    The Raelian movement is yet
    The Raelian movement is yet another mystery. As I’ve related before Vorilhon, despite coming from a destitute background, seemed to have large sums of money available when he founded the movement back in 1974. Differently from Scientology he didn’t seem to focus on gaining wealthy followers to his cult and, in fact, most if not all his early followers can be described as "impecunious". Money and organization was what set Raelism aside from the myriad of UFO "cults" sprouting up in the ’70s like mushrooms after an August thunderstorm.
    The case of the Unification Church, also known as the Moonites, whose founder has always been suspected (probably rightly) of having links with US agencies like CIA and NSA, has led some (including me) to suspect that Vorilhon may have been helped in his effort by one of France’s many "intelligence" agencies, like SCSSI and RG.
    Vorilhon, apart from money, has always enjoyed widespread media coverage. There are hundreds of persons wearing a flowing white gown making claims every bit as wild as Vorilhon’s, so why just him? He also enjoyed some level of political protection: you may be familiar with the present "psychedelic" Raelian symbol but originally it was a swastika inside a maghen (David’s star or shield). It was changed recently in a PR effort (namely to open a church or "embassy" in Israel). As you may well know in most European countries (and France is one of them) displaying a swastika is considered a felony, to the point that even militaria collectors have to be careful when displaying their merchandise at a fair. Yet Vorilhon and his followers could always display openly their symbol without anyone objecting in the least.
    If you are asking yourself why an intelligency agency would waste its time on a UFO cult remember that the Soviet government spent countless roubles in investigating telekynesis and ESP or simply type "COINTELPRO" in any search engine.