Wikileaks and UFO’s

Wikileaks and UFO’s

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  1. BaronIveagh says:

    Re: Wikileaks and UFO’s
    I dunno about UFO files, but I do know that military attache’s at embassys keep a weather eye out of weapon development intelligence.  I would not be surprised if the ‘UFO reports’ were reports of unknown flying objects reported by locals and collected as possible weapon intel.

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  2. Mauro says:

    Re: Wikileaks and UFO’s
    I personally do not subscribe to the whole "alien treaty" or "retro-engineering" mumbo jumbo with underground bases and all that jazz.
    Vallee, Allen Hynek and other researchers have pointed out that a study program has existed and, perhaps, it’s still in existence. All the footage taken from gun cameras, recording from radars and scientific police reports which were taken away by intelligence officers with high security clearances must have wound up somewhere. All those MoD records are just part of picture: the truly interesting material (pictures, film footage and laboratory analysis on "landing" traces) is nowhere to be seen. It could have been destroyed like pre-1962 MoD files, it could still be used by an ongoing intelligence study or it could simply lay forgotten in a warehouse. There’s no way to tell.

    There’s also another thing to consider. When Allen Hynek and Vallee were working together, they discovered NATO installations were under orders to send UFO sighting reports by telex to a series of addresses. If the night watch sergeant had seen a "strange light" and reported it to his superior officer, the report was just sent to these addresses without questioning. It was none of their business to investigate it. Whatever happened to the reports thus forwarded it’s open to speculation, though Allen Hynek (who had worked at Project Blue Book) suspected the larger part was either thrown away or just given a protocol number and filed away.

    There’s also the distinct possibility the alleged WikiLeaks files are part of an ongoing disinformation/psy-op campaign, whose purposes are completely unknown. The New Mexico State Police investigated a huge number of cattle mutilations and came to believe they were not the handiwork of aliens but of very human perpetrators. However the investigation turned out a number of curious physical traces: radioactivity, burn marks, odd prints. The conclusion of the report is these physical traces were planted by the perpetrators themselves to confuse investigations.
    The French Police and Gendarmerie investigated a disappearance case which had all the marks of the "classic" alien abduction. An independent UFO investigator was contacted by a Ministry of Defense official who was "willing" to leak some details on the case. This official (whose credentials were checked and found to be real) said the abduction was part of an "ongoing experiment" by one of France’s shady military intelligence agencies. According to him one of the goals was to test the Gendarmerie‘s skills in handling an abduction case. The investigator didn’t buy into this and believed he himself had been the subject of either a practical joke or yet more disinformation.

    WikiLeaks is a marvelous instrument, but we should always be careful to understand their material comes from "inside" sources. And you never know when they just want to tell the truth or have a deeper, and much more distrurbing, purpose.