A21– Gracious Lane

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  1. Ian says:

    The following article by Sophie Madge appeared in Kent Live on 31 October 2017. ‘The A21 has been named one of the most haunted roads in the country and here are the chilling reasons why’
    A Sevenoaks road has been named one of the most haunted in the country after a series of strange occurrences.

    The A21 in Sevenoaks has also made the list, following a number of spooky and weird reports on the road.

    Numerous motorists claim they have encountered paranormal activity on the A21, including strange figures stepping out in front of cars and the road disappearing altogether.

    The most haunted part of the road is said to be where the new dual carriageway intersects with the Old Gracious Lane.

    Drivers have even claimed that the road ahead disappears entirely, only to be replaced by a false road which leads the car to the right.

    Ghost hunters have blamed this phenomenon for several fatal head-on collisions over the years.

    According to legend, this is the ghost of Gracious Lane, who takes revenge for being split by the new road.

    An old woman with white hair wearing a fawn coat has also be seen on the road.

    Drivers on both sides of the carriageway say they have knocked her down at the same time, but have found no evidence of a body on the road.

    According to popular belief, this is the ghost of a woman who died in the area in 1959.