Bath Assembly Rooms

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  1. Ian Topham says:

    Re: Bath Assembly Rooms

    Spiritualist Insists Ghosts Really Exist’ Bath Chronicle (2003)

    Margaret Royal set up Ghost Walks in Bath in 1974 and was joined in running the popular attraction by her friend Hillary Bolwell.

    Mrs Bolwell, 81, said the scientist’s findings were nonsense.

    "I have seen them for myself. My grandmother was psychic as well, and she used to see ghosts. The last one I saw was my husband, Peter, who died ten years ago. Of course he wasn’t there, he was just letting me know that he was safe, " she said.

    She claimed she wasn’t the only one who had seen ghosts on the walks. "They are quite clear, they don’t hang about. I have seen them on the walks as have other people, " she said.

    "I have also seen the Man in Black by the Assembly Rooms. He is Admiral Philip who went out to New South Wales and became governor before coming back to Bath. He lived opposite the Assembly Rooms and he used to walk all around. When he died he kept on walking."