Blue Bell Hill

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  1. senua says:

    Re: Blue Bell Hill
    Other strange apparitions seen are an old screaming hag, big cats, an apeman or gorilla and red eyed entities.

    Ghosts have been seen in the area before the 1968 crash.

    The area is the site of Neolithic monuments: Kits Coty, Little Kits Coty and the White Horse Stone.  Others that have been destroyed over the years.

    The remains of a Neolithic Long House were found in the area during the construction of the high speed rail link.

    Morris Dancing takes place on Blue Bell Hill picnic area at dawn on May Day morning with Jack in the Green in attendance.

    The route of the Pilgrims Way ( an ancient pathway) is nearby.  There are reports of a phantom black dog being seen along here.

  2. The Client says:

    Re: Blue Bell Hill
    Hi I am  looking for a Speaker Author or a Person who can give a talk for a charity event in Essex later this year The Case I would like is The Blue Bell Hill Ghost Hitchiker as its one of the most interesting reads and TV Documentarys I have seen and its World Wide I will pay the speaker please Tel 01255 813511 Thankyou

  3. senua says:

    Re: Blue Bell Hill

    Phantom spotted as Blue Bell Hill ghost story turned into spooky film by Rochester actress


    by Claire McWethy


    A film is being made about the ghost of Blue Bell Hill
    A film is being made about the ghost of Blue Bell Hill

    If you have been spooked by a ghostly figure near Blue Bell Hill, then you are not alone.

    But this time, at least, the phantom was probably being played by an actress as part of a new film based on spooky goings-on in the area.

    Rochester actress Sonya Roseman, 33, is directing the screenplay – called Blue Bell Hill – which is being shot near the Lower Bell Pub in Aylesford.

    The film is based on the true story of a bride-to-be killed following a crash on the A229 in November 1965 on the eve of her wedding day.

    Susan Browne and two friends were returning home from her hen night when their Ford Cortina spun out of control and collided with a Jaguar travelling in the opposite direction.

    The 22-year-old had been due to marry her fiance, RAF technician Brian Wetton, the following day.

    She and friend Judith Lingham died in hospital several days later while Patricia Ferguson was killed instantly.


    The former Upper Bell Inn in Blue Bell Hill village
    The former Upper Bell Inn in Blue Bell Hill village

    The film follows fictional student Anne as she researches the history of the apparitions of Blue Bell Hill for a university project – and finds there might be a ghostly explanation for the unexplained crashes.

    It is based on a decades-old myth about a phantom woman, said to hitch a lift from passing drivers – near what was the Upper Bell Inn – and then disappear.


    Judith Lingham died after a crash on the A229
    Judith Lingham died after a crash on the A229

    The film also contains scenes based on reports of a young woman appearing suddenly in the road at night.

    Terrified they have hit her, drivers claim to have got out to investigate, only to find no trace of a body.

    Sonya said: "I felt so strongly that I made a film about the hill, which has taken five years all in all. This film is based on a true ghost story of the area.

    "Accident blackspot Blue Bell Hill is steeped in paranormal activity, ghostly sightings and an enormously high rate of ill-fated car crashes."

    The film first attracted attention when the casting advert appeared in September, advertising for a "very sexy" 20 to 30-year-old, with "possibly fake breasts i.e. Pam Anderson/Dolly Parton!" as well a car crash victim, who would have "some dialogue but not a whole lot".

    The film, which is not yet scheduled for release, will be dedicated to "those who have lost their lives on that treacherous hill".

    Appearances of the ghost of Blue Bell Hill date back to the 1930s.


    Bob Vandepeer had a terrifying experience in 1962 when he picked up a girl on the hill – then later turned round to discover his hitchhiker had vanished into thin air.

    In 1971, James Skene was driving home from work when a girl in her early 20s suddenly appeared in front of his car on the dual carriageway.

    He gave her a lift to Chatham, but when she got out she disappeared.


    How the tragic story of the bride-to be was reported in 1965
    How the tragic story of the bride-to be was reported in 1965

    Joseph Chester and Tracy Boon both reported seeing a young woman wearing nothing but a nightgown on separate occasions in 1968 and 1999.