Covent Garden Underground Railway Station

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  1. Ian Topham says:

    Re: Covent Garden Underground Railway Station
    According to Andrew Green:
    Foreman Jack Hayden at Covent Garden Station is adamant that he has seen the phantom several times over a period of ten years and is convinced it is of Terriss. The figure is of ‘a man wearing a grey suit, old fashioned collar and white gloves’. Jack told me emphatically during a film making session at the underground station in 1973, ‘I just know it is William’. However, John Harries in his ‘Ghost Hunters Book’ claims that the haunting was known to exist well before 1907. Whoever it is not only frequents the station, where he has been seen by several members of the London Transport Staff, but also the nearby theatre. One of the theatre’s electricians, working late one night, saw the apparition in a grey suit walking through a whole row of seats and then disappeared through a wall. Strengthening the idea that poor old William is the spectre, were the series of ‘odd rapping noises’heard by the theatre staff coming from the dressing room used by the actor. But, of course he was not the only one to use the room. One old chap recalls that Terriss used to tap on the door of an adjoining room to let his leading lady know he was going out for a few minutes. There could be, one supposes more than one ghost for there have been ‘many traumatic experiences’within the theatre.’