Headless Horseman of Dungee Corner

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  1. Prusakowski says:

    Re: Headless Horseman of Dungee Corner
    Does the ‘headless horseman’ of Dungee Corner have a shared connection with the ancient Celtic myth of the ‘Dullahan’ ?

    In Ireland a legendary monster said to ride a headless black horse whilst carrying his head under his arm, is the ‘Dullahan’ (translated from Gaelic into “dark man”).

    The quaint Irish version of the legend of the headless horseman includes variants where in some cases “the Dullahan throws a bucket of blood at people he passes” !, whilst another variant of the Celtic myth alleges that “if the headless horseman calls out the name of the person he passes, it is a portent that the person will soon die”.

    As with most evil forces, the ‘Dullahan’ has a weakness – Gold.