Kenton Theatre, Henley on Thames

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  1. Ian Topham says:

    Re: Kenton Theatre, Henley on Thames
    The haunting experiences associated with the Kenton Theatre are amongst the most interesting I have read, but I do have some questions. Were there any experiences reported between 1969 and the Ghost Club investigation of 2004. If not why the investigation? If it was being done to be close to the anniversary of her death (only 4 days out) and to follow up on the experiences of 1969, why would later checking only reveal the ill fated production behind the experiences and as they were well known (as shown, Hallam wrote about it 30 years earlier) any psychic or calling out experiments to contact Blandy should surely be discredited.

    If Mary Blandy haunted The Hanging Wood production at the Kenton, it would mean she made a conscious decision to attend a play written 200 years following her execution in a theatre that opened 50 years after her death and then offered her critique of it 35 years later when supposedly contacted in 2004. Therefore it would imply that she is fully aware of her surroundings, can interact with them and even keep abreast of local entertainment listings. This probably ties in nicely with most spiritual beliefs, but I am unsure whether ghosts actually operate like this and the significant events that happened at the Kenton may be related to an unknown ghost. The author Andrew Green seemed to share these misgivings suggesting it was an “irrational belief” that the ghost could be Mary.