Lake Ronkonkoma

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  1. Ian Topham says:

    Re: Lake Ronkonkoma
    As with all legends there are several versions, one of which has the girl being called Tuscawanta (not sure about this spelling) and the European she falls in love with an English settler named Hugh Birdsall.

    On Long Island there thirteen tribes of Algonquian Indians, four of which were settled around Lake Ronkonkoma which was considered sacred to them. These four tribes were the Unkechaugs, Nissequogues, Secatogs and the Setaukets. In one versions the Indian girl or princess was a member of the Setauket tribe.

    Ronkonkoma (or Raconkumake, Raconkamuck) is the Algonquin word meaning ‘boundary fishing place or lake’ and it is the largest freshwater lake on Long Island.

    The following Youtube video concerns the ‘Lady of the Lake’.