Littlecote House Hotel, Hungerford

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  1. Ian Topham says:

    Re: Littlecote House Hotel, Hungerford
    ‘The Story of My Life, volumes 4-6’ (1900), Augustus J. C. Hare
    “Littlecote, Wilts, Dec. 3._–A charming visit to this beautiful old house, which mostly dates from Henry VII., and has a noble hall hung with armour and the yellow jerkins of the Commonwealth, a long gallery filled with fine Popham portraits, and a charming old pleasaunce with bowling-green and long grass walks. I sleep in the ghost-room, and just outside my door is the ante-chapel where Wild Darrell roasted the baby as described in the notes to ‘Rokeby,’ but the grandfather of the present possessor was so bored by inquiring visitors that he burnt the old hangings of the bed by which the nurse identified the room of the crime, and the bed itself, with much other old furniture, was sold to provide the fortunes of the younger children in the present generation. Nothing can be more delightfully comfortable, however, than the house as it now is, and my young host–Frank Popham–is most pleasant and genial. It has been a great pleasure to find Lady Sherborne domesticated here, and to listen once more on a Sunday evening to her exquisite singing of ‘Oh rest in the Lord’–so delicate and touching in its faintly vanishing cadences as to draw tears from her audience. Very pleasant too has it been to meet charming Mrs. Howard of Greystoke and her daughter again.”

  2. Prusakowski says:

    Re: Littlecote House Hotel, Hungerford
     Reading the tale of the Hunerford Hotel, reminds me of one closer to my current location ; An haunted hotel in Brentwood Essex that has changed ownership many times is the ‘Brentwood Moat House’ , now renamed the "Marygreen Manor Hotel". The old part of the hotel, and what used to be called the "Howard Room", can be an ‘interesting’ experience for the unsuspecting.The building was once owned by the family of Catherine Howard (one of Henry VIII’s many wives). The "Howard Room" (upstairs, front) is ‘spooked’ and selected guests have been "pushed out of bed" by the resident ghost………..