Nanteos Mansion

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2 Responses

  1. CatEvans20 says:

    Re: Nanteos Mansion
    The Nanteos Mansion Hotel is no more – at least for the next 3 years! Paul, who was the manager and now the caretaker, says he has decided to close the hotel for major refurbs which will continue for the foreseable future whereupon he says he will, with any luck, no longer be there but somewhere pleasanter altogether! The Grail thing was apparently just a joke that got out of hand. In addition he was stitched up by a TV ghost investigation team called Ghost Hunters International who are based in Atlanta, Georgia and who turned out to be 100 per cent ‘fakes’. Apparently they planted ‘ghostly’ evidence and the police arrived and cut off part of the hotel as a crime scene, and Paul was secretly filmed having a conversation with police officers, in order to make the TV programme more interesting. Paul then ejected the TV crew from his property.  Oh dear!


  2. Ian Topham says:

    Re: Nanteos Mansion
    I wonder how the Grail story all got started then?  It is amazing that a story can get ot of hand and grow out of proportion.  Though it makes more sense than them actually having a magical healing grail.