Nunnery Drive, Thetford

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  1. Ian Topham says:

    Re: Nunnery Drive, Thetford
    Prioresses of St. George, Thetford
    Cecilia c. 1160
    Agnes, 1253
    Ellen de Berdesette, 1310
    Margaret Bretom, 1329
    Beatrix de Lystone, 1330
    Danetta de Wakethorp, 1339
    Margaret Campleon, 1396
    Margaret Chykering, 1418
    Alice Wesenham, 1420
    Margaret Copynger, 1466
    Joan Eyton, 1477
    Elizabeth Mounteneye, 1498
    Sarah Frost, 1519
    Elizabeth Hothe or Both 1535

    When the Priory dissolved in 1537, the last Prioress, Elizabeth Hothe, received a pension of £5. She was still collecting this whilst living in St. James, Norwich in 1553, aged 100.

  2. jules67 says:

    Re: Nunnery Drive, Thetford
    has there ever been a sighting of a scruffy black dog as my daughter was driving along in a car on the 19th feb 2012, early evening and saw a little black scruffy dog near the second bridge running along side the car when she looked again it had just vanished has there been any other sightings like this also a few yrs before this my dad sat near those bridges in the daytime waiting to drive over the bridge when he saw a red car approaching so he sat and waited for it to go over the bridge it never came towards him no more and it did not turn off anywhere another mystery of the nuns bridges

  3. Ian Topham says:

    Re: Nunnery Drive, Thetford
    Welcome to the site Jules67. I hope we get more comments which throw some light on the experiences you described.