The Chequers, Amersham

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  1. Ian Topham says:

    Re: The Chequers, Amersham

    According to an article by Victoria Birch entitled ‘Bar staff spooked by ghostly sightings’ that appeared in The Argus 25 January 2001.

    Chris Hanscomb, the manager at the 500-year-old Chequers pub, in London Road West, Amersham, said he heard rumours about a ghost in his pub.

    He said: "I haven’t actually seen anything yet but I have woken up one evening when it was absolutely freezing in the room but warm outside. People have said they have seen it, I’m not sure what I would do. I’d probably order it a drink"

    Ghost expert Ciaran O’Keeffe, who was called in last year to search for the spirit of Henry VIII’s fifth wife Catherine Howard at Hampton Court Palace, is well aware of Amersham’s ghostly reputation.

    He said: "The Chequers is reported to be haunted by a white hooded figure and there has been reports of cold spots and doors opening. A medium has investigated and said the ghost was called ‘Auden’ and he was around in the early 1500s before the pub was built.

    "People used to be locked up there before they were taken to the Martyrs in Amersham to be burnt on the stake."

    He added: "There are a lot of ghosts in Bucks. There are lots of villages and old houses, which still exist. A lot of ghost sightings occur, it could sometimes be that they think they have seen something because it is old and from the stories that surround it."