The Connaught Tavern

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  1. Ian Topham says:

    Re: The Connaught Tavern
    The following information has been kindly contributed by one of our readers:

    In the early 1970’s my Aunt and Uncle took over the tenancy of the Connaught Tavern, the Dock Gates were just over the road in those days, also the well known "Iron Lung" lavatory was outside the pub.

    There are many floors inside the building the attic was massive and my two cousins thought it would be a good idea to occupy the rooms there.

    My Father and Grandfather helped to move in furniture and do some general repairs, my Father was in the attic room at the front, he noticed a broken window pane and temporarily put a piece of card in place, sorted the bed out and left the room, wandering back into the room he noticed the bed had been messed around, and thought one of the dogs had jumped on the bed, the card had moved out of the window, my Father realised and felt something was wrong put a piece of wood in the window, made the bed and left, only to return to find the mattress on the bed had moved the wood pulled out of the hole in the window, but also he saw an old woman in the corner, snarling.

    Not to frighten anyone my Father said that the room was not suitable to sleep in and for the girls to use another room, not long after that incident, the girls were in the attic when they heard a blood curdling scream, they ran down to my Aunt who told them it must be the guard dog they heard, immediately my aunt took one of the dogs named Blue up to the attic, Blue was not frightened of anyone, however, he would not go up the last set of stairs to the attic, from then on the attic was unused and out of bounds.

    It was after these incidents that regulars would come in and tell the tale of Old Mary, and we all read articles about the Haunting, my Aunt and Uncle were glad when after a couple of years, the tenancy came to an end, and my Father never forgot the look on the old womans face.

    When I drive past the Connaught, I often look at the attic window, and was wondering if the new occupiers had thought about getting a medium to look into the Haunting.

    My cousin also said that one night they were trying to sleep in the lower flat, when they heard a terrible noise as if some one was dragging something along the floor boards the cat went absolutely mad, the next day my uncle called in the pest control thinking it was rats under the floor boards but nothing was found, also she said the day they heard the scream if was terrifying it began with a long loud moan that ended up in a scream, it frightened both of them.

  2. Daniel Parkinson says:

    Re: The Connaught Tavern
    I imagine the phrase ‘you ton weight  Victorian pissoir’ would make a good insult

  3. Ian Topham says:

    Re: The Connaught Tavern
    A recent e-mail confirms the Iron Lung is currently owned by GLA and is in storage.