The Crown and Horseshoes, Enfield

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2 Responses

  1. Ian Topham says:

    Re: The Crown and Horseshoes, Enfield
    The following is Andrew Green’s piece on the case:

    ‘Other than footsteps and the mysterious banging of doors, nothing much happens these days’the landlord told me in February 1976. The pub which has seen at least two sudden deaths, one in 1816 and another in 1832, has also been the site of a visible haunting. One evening only a few years ago, Brian Bullock a regular customer was walking past and glanced in to see an old woman pass one of the windows. Later he enquired as to who the lady was, he thoughts she was an elderly relative, but received assurance from the puzzled licensee that the pub had been completely empty at the time.

  2. Stephen Clementson says:

    Re: The Crown and Horseshoes, Enfield
     The Crown & horseshoes sounds like a very likely target for paranormal activity, but no for the reasons that are supposed.  It’s like the Three Horseshoes case that involved my wife in late 2004.  This pub is on the Hatfield road, in Smallford, St Albans, Herts.