The Royal Victoria & Bull Hotel, Dartford

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  1. Ian Topham says:

    Re: The Royal Victoria & Bull Hotel, Dartford
    I found the following witness account on the World of Ghosts website:

    Many years ago I worked at the above mentioned establishment. It was an old coaching inn, and therefore full of history and, not surprisingly, stories of ghosts. Many of which one hears so often on starting somewhere that one tends to ignore them.

    Now, the main bar of this place was the old courtyard, which had since been glassed over. The older rooms still lined the balcony around this courtyard whilst the newer ones were in a separate block.

    Anyway, every night around 11:30 ish I used to catch a glimpse of someone walking along this balcony. Of course, when I looked nobody was there. I always assumed it was the ghost, but never had the proof I needed.

    Then one night……

    Instead of running the bar, I was cashing up in the reception/office area (located on the same level as some of the rooms, and the balconys). It’d been quiet, and I’d done all I could before closing, so i was taking a breather, and leaning over the desk. This is when I noticed what looked like a part of a figure moving up the stairs. Best way to describe it is to say imagine looking at dust falling through light as it comes in through a window. Now, imagine that, only without the light, and without the window. Then imagine that in the form of a body from around the waist up to the top of the shoulders, after which it faded, and moving up the stairs at walking pace. It then disappeared, and reappeared further up the stairs, before disappearing once again.

    For some strange reason i wasn’t scared, just fascinated by this, and was able to look around for possible explanations (lighting etc) but could find nothing.

    That, ladies and gents, was my first, and to date only, experience that I cannot find any possible explanation for other than ghost!