Tulloch Castle Hotel

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  1. Ian Topham says:

    Re: Tulloch Castle Hotel
    On 28th May 2008 the following article appeared in The Sun Newspaper and was written by Chris Semple.  To see the actual photographs please visit their website here:

    [quote]THIS is the sensational picture which proves ghosts exist, a teenager claims.

    The spectral vision was captured by 14-year-old Connor Bond at an ancient castle in the Scottish highlands famed for its ghostly residents.

    The ghoulish apparition was snapped by accident while the youngster and his family were attending a wedding at the castle.

    The family only noticed what they had captured when they downloaded the image on to their computer and saw the ghostly hand and a swirl of mist around it.

    The ghost was captured at Tulloch Castle in Dingwall in the Scottish Highlands – a historic pile well known for its supernatural residents.

    Despite describing themselves as ‘sceptics’, Connor and dad Mike are now convinced the ghost they snapped is real and are hoping experts will examine it and prove them correct.

    Mike, 52, from Inverness said: "We were at this wedding and Connor was walking around taking loads of photos. I think he took about 200 in total.

    "After we loaded them up on to the computer we were looking through them and were just stopped in our tracks by this one shot.

    "You can clearly see this ghostly figure on the staircase.

    "You can see a hand on the banister and what appears to be a white mist around it.

    "Being a sceptical person I thought Connor had done something to the picture but he says not and I believe him."

    He added: "Even other members of the family can’t believe what they’ve seen and are all checking their own photos now."

    Tulloch Castle dates back to the 1200s and has a long history of ghostly activity.

    The most famous of them is the Green Lady who has been seen by dozens of people, and even has the castle’s bar named after her.

    She is believed to be the ghost of Elizabeth Davidson, whose family once owned the castle where her portrait hangs in the Great Hall.

    Mike added: "I just don’t see what else it could be – it’s a digital camera so you can’t accidentally double expose the shot and Connor swears there was no one around at the time.

    "It’s a mystery." [/quote]